4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Crash Diet Before Your Wedding

Crash Diet Before Wedding

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It might seem like the only way to get in top-notch shape before your wedding is by cutting your calories in half and refusing to let anything that isn’t green pass your lips. Luckily, that’s so not the case! Here, a few reasons crash dieting will actually sabotage your wedding-day body, and how to tone up without becoming a hunger-induced bridezilla.

1. It’ll kill your mood.

“Crash diets are excessively calorie restrictive, which is unsustainable,” says Brigitte Zeitlin, MPH, RD, CDN, a dietitian at B-Nutritious. When you’re depriving yourself so much, there’s no way to avoid becoming irritable and stressed to the point where you’re cranky with everyone from your groom to your barista.

2. Your body needs the fuel.

Crash dieting leaves you running on empty. “Crash diets often lead to nutrient deficiencies because they eliminate certain essential food groups such as fats and carbohydrates,” says Zeitlin. Whole grains give you the energy you need to squeeze in workouts while organizing a wedding, and fats keep you feeling full longer, aka help you avoid reaching for a junky snack when hunger pangs strike.

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3. You’ll be hungry. All. The. Time.

Since crash diets are missing so much of what your body needs to function, you’ll have to deal with the unpleasant rumbling in your stomach around the clock. Plus, it actually makes your body turn to a different, less ideal source for energy. “When your diet doesn’t provide the necessary nutrients, your body takes what it needs from your muscles and liver. That leads to unhealthy weight loss and muscle-wasting, not fat loss!” says Zeitlin.

4. You’ll gain it all back.

“They’re called crash diets because you’ll eventually crash and burn!” Zeitlin explains. After the wedding’s passed and you’re no longer over-restricting, you’ll gain all that weight back, probably with some additional pounds tacked on. “It’s a reaction to the way you have just essentially starved your body,” says Zeitlin.

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So, you’re convinced crash dieting is not the way to go, but what to do instead? Beyond regular exercise, incorporate healthier foods into your meals rather than cutting out pretty much everything. “Make sure every meal is based around a lean protein source like eggs, fish, or lean cuts of meat, a fiber like a fruit, vegetable, or whole grain, and a healthy fat like avocado or olive oil,” says Zeitlin. This mix will boost your energy and keep you satiated while you get through the hectic planning process.

Also, make sure to drink tons of water. “Ample water is key to weight loss and healthy living. An added bonus is that it keeps your hair shiny, your skin glowing and soft, and your nails healthy for the big day,” says Zeitlin. Best of all, you officially have permission to snack: eating a healthy mini-meal every three to four hours helps rev your metabolism and keep you level-headed, Zeitlin explains. When you combine these tips for a more measured approach to wedding weight loss, you’ll look great, but more importantly, you’ll feel even better.

Here’s How to Sweat-Proof Your Outdoor Summer Wedding

desert wedding

Photo: Noe Dewit; Styling by Deborah Watson

One thing you don’t want to be stressing about on your wedding day? Sweat. If you’re a summer bride tying the knot outdoors, embrace the sweet smell of victory over sweat on your big day with these expert tips from Dr. Saryna Young, WESTMED dermatologist, and Chase Purles, CEO of SweatBlock.

Apply at night.

If your morning swipe just isn’t cutting it, try applying antiperspirant before you hit the hay. “Leaving the deodorant on for six to eight hours while you sleep will block the sweat ducts for up to 24 hours,” Young says.

Stay dry… everywhere.

Real, somewhat embarrassing, talk: Underarms aren’t the only place brides feel the anxiety-inducing drip. Young says it’s totally normal to use antiperspirant wherever you feel wet; like under your breasts, down your back and on your hands and feet. Skip products containing aluminum to avoid yellow pit stains on your white dress.

Avoid stinky foods.

Garlic, onions, fried foods, strong cheeses, cabbage, cured meats and curry are all potential culprits for an off-odor when you sweat post-meal. “The powerful aroma molecules in the strong smelling foods stick with you and could be released through sweat,” says Purles. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so pay attention to how your body reacts and avoid the stinkers on the big day.

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Skip sweat-inducing foods.

“If you have ever tasted the goodness of a jalapeño burger or a street taco, you know spicy foods can cause the body temp to rise and send the sweat factory into full production,” says Purles. Also on the list are fatty foods and excess sodium which your body works extra hard to expel.

Sip wisely.

While you’re dancing the night away, make sure you don’t overdo it on the booze. Since alcohol expands your blood vessels it also pumps up your body heat, according to Purles. Finally, while caffeine may keep you up for the long night ahead, it’s also jacking up your central nervous system AKA waking up your sweat glands.

Eat this to stop the sweat.

While no sweating condition can be cured by dietary changes alone, there are some foods that help, according to Purles:

1. Lots of water will hydrate your body and help regulate temperature sans sweat.

2. Low-fat yogurt and milk, cheese, almonds, and beans are calcium-rich foods that also act as a temperature regulator.

3. Fruits and veggies are high in water content and easy to digest meaning less work for your body.

4. Olive oil helps your digestive system work like a well-oiled (see what we did there) machine.

5. Vitamin B rich foods like whole grains, proteins and veggies help with metabolic function meaning less exertion for your body.

How to Subtly Match Your Stationery and Jewels for One Seriously Stylish Wedding

Wedding Invitations, Jewelry Botanic

Photo: Greg Vore

You want your wedding stationery to be on point, just like your jewelry. These elegant invites — and the baubles that complement them — were designed to impress, no matter what your party’s vibe.

Planning an outdoor wedding full of greenery? Opt for these botanic-beautiful papers and jewels. Plus, the invitations are a subtle way of preparing your guests for the outdoor celebrations.

Above: PAPER, from left “Irina,” $1,875 for 100 sets, Umama Stationery, with calligraphy by MK Sadler; “The Summer Garden,” $2,100 for 100, Lovely Paper Things; “Veranda,” price upon request, Missive; “Minimal Botanical,” from $460 for custom suite design, Corina Nika; JEWELRY Diamond ring and mother-of-pearl and diamond earrings, both in 18-karat gold, Van Cleef & Arpels; Yellow-diamond necklace in 18-karat gold, Daniela Villegas; Diamond and jade earrings in 18-karat gold, Hueb

Wedding Stationery, Jewelry Florals

Photo: Greg Vore

The idea of “pretty in pink” is taken to a whole new level with these girly, flowery jewels and romantic, floral stationery options.

PAPER, from top “Lillian,” price upon request, Fleur de Letters; “Vintage La Jolla” (information card shown), price upon request, Antiquaria; “Tara and Nicholas,” from $2,845 per 100 sets, Regas; Foil-pressed “Cascade,” $445 for 100 sets, Lori Wemple for Minted; “Invitation Letter,” from $15 per set, Copper Willow Paper Studio; JEWELRY, from left Pavé-diamond necklace in 18-karat white and yellow gold, Mimi So; Tourmaline and diamond earrings in 18-karat noble gold, H.Stern; White-topaz and sterling necklace, Larkspur & Hawk; 212-340-9067. Rose-gold ring with diamonds and pink quartz, Dior Fine Jewelry; 800-929-DIOR. Diamond, quartz, and 18-karat-pink-gold cuff, Hueb

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Wedding Stationery, Jewelry Gilded

Photo: Greg Vore

Glam weddings don’t have to be over the top. These striking pieces mark the elegance of your day from the moment guests open their gilded save the dates. And that bling? Fit for Princess Kate, if we do say so ourselves.

PAPER, from left Indigo custom-engraved calligraphic bias, from $586 for 50 sets, Alexa Pulitzer; Laser-etched acrylic, price upon request, Southern Fried Paper; Custom calligraphy with peacock, from $40 per set, Bernard Maisner Calligraphy & Fine Stationery; “Alexandra and John” (envelope and back shown), from $30 per set, Ceci New York; “Austin,” from $22 per set, Bell’Invito; JEWELRY, from left Crystal pendant with 18-karat-gold chain and moonstone ring in 18-karat gold, Temple St. Clair; Diamond, pearl, and gem ring in 18-karat white gold, Chanel Fine Jewelry; 800-550-0005. Pearl necklace in 18-karat gold, Van Cleef & Arpels; Diamond earrings, Fred Leighton; 212-288-1872.

Wedding Invitations, Jewelry Rustic

Photo: Greg Vore

These rustic pieces will complement your barn or lodge wedding without bringing down the sophistication — think leaf prints, wood accents and a dark, neutral color palate.

PAPER, from top “Antler Wreathe,” from $433 for 50 sets, Alexa Pulitzer; “Cozy Mountain Retreat,” from $2,610 for 100 sets, Lovely Paper Things; “Eden,” from $1,500 for 100 sets, MaeMae & Co.; “Mod Faux Bois,” price upon request, Elum Designs; JEWELRY Tiger’s-eye-quartz ring with diamonds in 18-karat gold, Trumpet & Horn; Fancy-colored diamond earrings in 18-karat white gold, Monique Péan; Eighteen-karat-gold and diamond cuff, H.Stern

Want more genius planning tips? For the best wedding dresses, advice, and big-day inspiration, pick up the BRIDES June/July 2015 issue, on newsstands now and available for download here!

Newlyweds Share Their Wedding-Night Sex Stories (and Tips!)

Tips for Hottest Honeymoon Sex from Real Brides

Photo: Getty Images

For some, wedding-night sex is a no-brainer — and a steamy one at that. While for others, it takes planning, coordination (and a limit on cocktail consumption) to ensure a post-nuptials romp. But no matter which category you might fall into, there are certain wedding-night mishaps and obstacles that can definitely kill the mood. So take note from these brides and grooms — they’re sharing their own personal wedding night stories and tips to help your first night as man and wife be hot as ever.

Pick your petals carefully

“We retired to our Chamber of Love to find that my maid of honor had thoughtfully scattered peonies on the bed. I had an allergy attack, sneezing and gasping all over the place. My husband spent 15 minutes ridding the room of flowers. We still had sex, but I sneezed the entire time!” — Diane, Maplewood, N.J.

Deal with your dress

“My husband couldn’t figure out my corset. Finally he got frustrated and just ripped it off. Hot, right? But by then we were so tired, we just went through the motions and fell asleep.” — Aimee, Charlotte, N.C.

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Have a food plan

“We had decided to wait until our wedding night to have sex. But since we didn’t eat much at the wedding, we were starving by the time we got to the hotel! We had to find snacks before we could do anything else.” — Susan, Denver

Don’t let anything get in your way

“We threw a small reception at our apartment, so we had to clean up after. I remember thinking, ‘I am so not getting laid.’ Surprise: My wife was not only up for it but really passionate. I’ll always remember that night.” — Doug, Chicago

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5 Spa-Inspired Beauty Products to Help You De-Stress Before the Big Day

Spa Beauty Products To Help De-Stress

Photo: Getty Images

Starting the official wedding-day countdown? Eliminate jitters by pampering yourself with relaxing beauty treatments — without stepping foot in a spa. Here, a few indulgent products you’ll love to try at home.

Intelligent Nutrients Destress Express Hair & Body Oil

This mood-lifting elixir contains a blend of organic oils like peppermint, spearmint, and rosemary to nourish and hydrate your hair. For the full, spa-like experience, try their recommended three-step process: Put a drop of oil under your nose, or place it in the palm of your hand, and inhale. (This, they say, will help clear your mind.) Then, massage the oil onto dry hair, starting from the ends and working your way up to your scalp. After your hair is fully saturated, wait a few minutes, then shampoo to rinse it out. Voilà — shiny hair and a zen mood. $43.25, available at Intelligent Nutrients

Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask

These herb-infused mud masks help minimize the appearance of pores, eradicate breakouts, and give you a serious glow. They’re also individually wrapped, so they stay fresh with each use. What we’re really suckers for, though, is the brush you use to apply them. It’s super soft and makes you feel like you’re getting a professional treatment! $42, available at Sephora

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Kerstin Florian Mineral Wellness Soak with Eucalyptus

Can’t remember the last time you took a bath? Set aside an evening to just that — and be sure to use bath salts, like these, which help detoxify and nourish your body. They also contain a plethora of minerals and trace elements, like sulfur, which clears congestion, colloidal silver, an antiseptic that softens skin, and iron, which promotes oxygen circulation to give you a healthy glow. We recommend brewing a cup of herbal tea and having a stack of magazines on hand (like, um, BRIDES!) to help you unwind. $9, available at Kerstin Florian

Essie Spa Pedicure So Sole Good

With its delicious coconut scent, this exfoliating foot scrub will make you feel like you’re already on a tropical honeymoon. Rub it on your feet and legs in circular motions, rinse off, apply a body oil or lotion, and put cotton socks on after to really soak in the moisture. $10.99, available at Target

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Frank Body Body Scrub

This organic, natural body exfoliator uses coffee grounds to stimulate blood flow, cold-pressed almond oil to moisturize, and brown sugar and sea salt to exfoliate, cleanse, and clarify. Use it allover in the shower for soft, radiant skin that smells delish, too. One word of warning, though: It might make you want a cup of coffee, like, immediately after. $14.95, available at Frank Body

3 Brides on Their Last Night as a Single Lady

Brides on Last Night as Single Woman

Photo: Getty Images

BW and AM: Before Wedding and After Marriage. Your whole life changes in just one night after you say “I do,” so we wanted to find out how brides spent their last night as a single lady. Here, three stories.

The Bride Who Used the Last Night as a Stress Reliever

Olivia, whose life as a married woman began four years ago come August, says, “Ok, this doesn’t paint me in the best light but I went to a local bar and had tons of drinks with three girlfriends who were in town for my wedding.” Warming to her story, Olivia relives the happy memory: “We had fried foods, martinis and did lots of dancing.” Afterward the friends “crawled into my hotel room bed, makeup still on our faces and laughed about being young, about how I was the first of us to get married and how my hubby to be was so different than all my high school boyfriends.”

Olivia says it was a huge “stress reliever” after months of planning a wedding. “I just let it all go and had a blast with all my closest friends — it’s exactly what I needed,” she says.

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The Bride Who Downed Jell-O Shots

Married two years, Tiffany explains, “My last night as a single woman was fun, nerve-wracking and stomach-turning.” Instead of holding her rehearsal dinner at a restaurant, the bridal party descended on Tiffany’s mom for a “huge dinner with music, drinks, Jell-O shots, a variety of food and just great people.”

Tiffany wants it on record her sister made her do orange peel shots, but once she was finally in bed many questions crossed her mind: Would she make it down the aisle without crying; would her husband cry as she walked down the aisle toward him; would people actually show up for the wedding; would the food be good?

Tiffany ends, “Although my mind was scattered, one thing I knew for sure: the next day I was marrying my best friend. If everything else fell apart, that would still be the case. And that has proven to be true.”

The Bride Who Had a Date Night with Her Groom

When Caitlin wed in 2011 she and Jose had been together 10 years. Each had been married before. This time would be different — relaxed and intimate (25 people). Since she had done it before, there were no nerves on the night before the big day. Caitlin remembers, “We saw no need to sleep separately.” Instead they shared Chinese food, cuddled up, and watched the most appropriate movie possible — Bridesmaids!

Sherry Amatenstein is a New York City-based marriage therapist and author.

Amy Schumer Photobombed One Couple’s Central Park Engagement Shoot — See the Pic!

Amy Schumer Engagement Shoot Photobomb

Photo: Alisha Siegel

Amy Schumer is showing up everywhere lately! First, she pranks Kimye on the red carpet. Then, a few weeks ago, she crashes Kaitlyn Bristowe’s group date onThe Bachelorette. And now, she’s photobombing engagement shoots.

Grooms-to-be Joseph Turnage and Brandon Moore were snapping sweet engagement photos in Central Park with their photographer Alisha Siegel when the funny woman (and consummate prankster) Amy Schumer ran by on a jog. Naturally, the comedian stopped and had to get in on the action. Schumer screamed out: “Oh my god! Are you taking engagement photos? Let me get in one!” Siegel told People of the run-in.

“I thought it was a little weird but I said yes anyways,” the photographer continued. “She took off her sunglasses, we snapped a quick pic, and right after she says, ‘You guys know I’m like reeeeeeal famous.’ I take another look it hit me that it was Amy Schumer!”

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The whole thing was pretty shocking, Siegel admits. Especially since they all didn’t realize it was Amy until she said so! “My face went totally blank and I said, ‘Oh my god! Amy! I love you!’ Needless to say I was pretty excited,” Siegel said of the shoot’s cameo.

The couple themselves — who will be exchanging vows in Manhattan this October — were equally flabbergasted by Schumer’s surprise appearance.

On her website’s blog post about the engagement shoot, Siegel also elaborated that this couple is extra special. “Maybe it was the cocktails we had beforehand, or the fact that Amy Schumer insisted she get in a photo,” she wrote. “Whatever it was, the day seemed to be magical, natural, and so much fun. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding day in October…it is going to be a seriously special night, I can already feel it.”

We’re gunning for Schumer to show up for another cameo!