5 Spa-Inspired Beauty Products to Help You De-Stress Before the Big Day

Spa Beauty Products To Help De-Stress

Photo: Getty Images

Starting the official wedding-day countdown? Eliminate jitters by pampering yourself with relaxing beauty treatments — without stepping foot in a spa. Here, a few indulgent products you’ll love to try at home.

Intelligent Nutrients Destress Express Hair & Body Oil

This mood-lifting elixir contains a blend of organic oils like peppermint, spearmint, and rosemary to nourish and hydrate your hair. For the full, spa-like experience, try their recommended three-step process: Put a drop of oil under your nose, or place it in the palm of your hand, and inhale. (This, they say, will help clear your mind.) Then, massage the oil onto dry hair, starting from the ends and working your way up to your scalp. After your hair is fully saturated, wait a few minutes, then shampoo to rinse it out. Voilà — shiny hair and a zen mood. $43.25, available at Intelligent Nutrients

Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask

These herb-infused mud masks help minimize the appearance of pores, eradicate breakouts, and give you a serious glow. They’re also individually wrapped, so they stay fresh with each use. What we’re really suckers for, though, is the brush you use to apply them. It’s super soft and makes you feel like you’re getting a professional treatment! $42, available at Sephora

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Kerstin Florian Mineral Wellness Soak with Eucalyptus

Can’t remember the last time you took a bath? Set aside an evening to just that — and be sure to use bath salts, like these, which help detoxify and nourish your body. They also contain a plethora of minerals and trace elements, like sulfur, which clears congestion, colloidal silver, an antiseptic that softens skin, and iron, which promotes oxygen circulation to give you a healthy glow. We recommend brewing a cup of herbal tea and having a stack of magazines on hand (like, um, BRIDES!) to help you unwind. $9, available at Kerstin Florian

Essie Spa Pedicure So Sole Good

With its delicious coconut scent, this exfoliating foot scrub will make you feel like you’re already on a tropical honeymoon. Rub it on your feet and legs in circular motions, rinse off, apply a body oil or lotion, and put cotton socks on after to really soak in the moisture. $10.99, available at Target

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Frank Body Body Scrub

This organic, natural body exfoliator uses coffee grounds to stimulate blood flow, cold-pressed almond oil to moisturize, and brown sugar and sea salt to exfoliate, cleanse, and clarify. Use it allover in the shower for soft, radiant skin that smells delish, too. One word of warning, though: It might make you want a cup of coffee, like, immediately after. $14.95, available at Frank Body


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