Lauren Conrad’s 8 Tips for Mastering Your Wedding Registry

Lauren Conrad's Wedding Registry Tips

Photo: Courtesy of The Little Market

Registering for your wedding can be one of the most exciting aspects of your engagement — but it can also be one of the most stressful. To help you navigate the process, we reached out to newlywed Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla. The reality star-turned-lifestyle guru and Skvarla are the founders of the online marketplace The Little Market, which sells goods handmade by women artisans from around the world. The site, which sells everything from serving dishes, glassware, and bowls to candles and table linens, just launched a cool new registry feature perfect for couples looking to do good while registering. In honor of the launch, Conrad and Skvarla dish on how to best navigate the registration process. LC-approved wedding tips? We’re so in.

Register together!

Even if your spouse isn’t super excited about registering, make sure to include him or her in the process to make sure you both like your gifts. And, if the two of you combine forces, you’re less likely to forget one of those oh-so-crucial items.

Pick a theme or color.

Registering for your wedding is a great opportunity to change the décor of your home. We recommend sticking to a theme or color palette to make sure all of your new pieces look nice together.

Plan for the future.

If you are living in a small space now but planning to move into something roomier soon, you may want to consider registering for pieces for your new, bigger digs.

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Think about your social life.

Take into consideration your lifestyle — if you like entertaining, for example, make sure you register for enough glassware, serving dishes and other pieces for you and your guests.

Look for quality.

Ideally you’ll keep the pieces you register for for years to come. So make sure you choose quality products that will last!

Add items at a variety of price points.

It’s nice to give your friends and family price options so they can choose a gift that fits within their budget.


Include a few expensive pieces that have been on your wish list. This will give your friends and family members who want to spend more an opportunity to spoil you.

Enjoy the processs.

Like most parts of planning a wedding, registering can be overwhelming. Remember to relax and enjoy the process. After all — you are about to marry your favorite person!


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