George Clooney Took Amal Home to Kentucky!

Met Gala 2015 red carpet dresses couples Amal and George Clooney

Photo: Getty Images

You can take George Clooney out of Kentucky, but you can’t take the Kentucky out of George Clooney. The superstar traveled to Augusta, Kentucky, this week for a family reunion and got to show wife Amal a little bit of his down-home side while revisiting his favorite haunts.

The newlyweds made the rounds while they were in town, having dinner at a local restaurant (where they sang to a woman celebrating her birthday), going to a pub, and hitting up his favorite bakery, Magee’s.

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“They were fun as a couple!” Magee’s bakery co-owner Russell Dickson told Us Weekly of the Clooneys, who reportedly walked into the place holding hands. “They ordered the transparent [a type of pie], that’s his thing, he loves the transparent.”

According to Dickson, Amal got to see one of her husband’s longtime hotspots. “His family has been a customer for years, so I kind of half grew up with him always hanging around the bakery,” he said. “He stops in maybe once a year or so.”

During their off-time from the reunion, George also found time to get athletic. He was spotted playing basketball at Augusta High School on Wednesday with some students. “It was fun, he’s still got it,” one of the players told People. Not only that, but Amal stopped by to watch and “it looked like she knew the game too.”

George grew up in the area, where his father Nick is a local journalist and television host. As expected, locals had fun Clooney-spotting, posting pictures on Twitter and Instagram of the lovebirds. How sweet!

A photo posted by Ariana (@bbalfrk_14) on Jun 1, 2015 at 8:24pm PDT


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