Don’t Let These Off-the-Cuff Guest Comments Ruin Your Wedding Day

Rude Comments Wedding Guests Make

Photo: Getty Images

There you are, going about your freshly married business, when from a nearby table you hear one of your guests drop a heart-wrenching comment bomb. Ouch. Unfortunately, it happens. Here are six zingers real brides have overheard at their weddings, and why you shouldn’t let any of them ruin your big day.

1. “Chocolates? I’m so glad I traveled across the country for this luxurious favor.”

Favors, however small, show your appreciation for your guests’ time and presence. Focus on the friends and family who recognize your appreciation, and forget the ungrateful — and may we say greedy! — others.

2. “I liked his ex so much better.”

When one bride overhear her husband’s friend utter this sentence on the dance floor, she had to excuse herself to the bathroom for a good cry. But she calmed herself with this realization: “My husband chose me, and he obviously thought I was the better bride,” she says. “So who cares what his friend thinks?”

3. “Why didn’t you invite my friend [so-and-so]?”

When your nosy guest hosts her own wedding, she’ll get to select who makes the cut. Until then, know you invited everyone you truly wanted there and that you don’t owe her any explanation.

4. “With divorce rates as high as they are, it’s amazing anyone gets married anymore.”

Take comfort in the facts, not your guest’s outdated opinion: The divorce rate is steadily dropping. The most recent data shows that more than 70 percent of marriages make it past the 15-year mark.

5. “Could she have possibly sat me next to anyone worse?”

You likely worked through your seating chart with care. If you sat someone uncomfortably in error, dispense your planner swap her seat. Otherwise, go worry-free knowing you did your best.

6. “I only came for the open bar.”

When you take months or more to plan an epic celebration, this might be the last thing you want to hear. But rather than let it get you down, join in — point this guest toward your awesome signature cocktails.


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