WATCH: Justin Bieber Serenades a Newly-Engaged Couple!


Justin Bieber: Not the romantic serenader you’d expect, but the romantic serenader you might get. A newly-engaged couple discovered the wonders of the Canadian singer’s dulcet tones as they had a chance run-in with him in Los Angeles last night.

According to TMZ, Bieber spotted the future bride and groom as he left The Grove and struck up a conversation, in which he found out that they’d just gotten engaged. The man asked Bieber to sing to his fiancée, and he agreed. The Biebs broke out into the Boyz II Men hit “I’ll Make Love to You,” which he’s been working into his public appearances recently. Adorably, Bieber asked the man to sing the chorus to his future bride, and he did!

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The whole performance was sealed with applause and a kiss. Who knew Bieber could set such a mood?! If he really wanted to shower the newly-betrothed duo with love, he could offer to be their wedding singer — as he rehabs his damaged public image, it would be a great way to regain some public goodwill. Besides, he’d be just the latest in a long line of celebrity wedding singers. Tony Bennett (Lady Gaga’s wedding singer), Lana Del Rey (she performed at the Kimye wedding), Florence Welch (sang a song for BFF Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds), and Ellie Goulding (the official Royal Wedding performer) aren’t such bad company, are they?


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