WATCH: Hollywire TV Star Chelsea Briggs Stops by BRIDES in Brides Live Wedding’s Series Premiere!

Now that you’ve voted on and selected all of the exciting details in this year’s Brides Live Wedding, it’s time to follow along as our dream nuptials for Katie and Sean come together! In our exciting web series, host Chelsea Briggs, of Hollywire TV, will be walking our bride through every aspect of her big-day — from trying on her wedding dress to looking at elements of the décor. Watch along as all of your planning culminates into Katie and Sean’s dream destination wedding!

In the first episode of Brides Live Wedding, Chelsea crashes the BRIDES headquarters to get the scoop on all-things bridal. Arriving in style, Chelsea makes her way to our offices to explore! Once she gets to the office, she pops into our fashion closet, where all of the wedding magic happens. With walls and walls of dress racks and shelves of shoes, it’s no wonder Chelsea becomes wide-eyed when she makes her way inside!

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First, she goes right for the accessories and tries on a veil, which she admits, she’s never worn before. Then, Chelsea dives into the dress rack, only to be greeted by a BRIDES staffer who’s going to show her the ropes. We walk her through the four options for each Brides Live Wedding category, curated by our own editors. And at the end, Chelsea decides to have some fun with all of the gorgeous gowns and accessories hanging in front of her (how could she not?)!

Watch the first episode of our exciting series to get acquainted with Brides Live Wedding, and don’t forget to stay tuned for Episode 2, airing next Friday, June 5!


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