5 Magical Moments Every Bride Wishes Would Last Forever

From venue disasters to a maxed-out budget, planning a wedding can be intense, and that’s putting it lightly. Sometimes you might be tempted to just pack up and catch a flight to Vegas. In those trying times, remember that certain wonderful experiences make it all worth it. Here are unforgettable moments that, when you look back on them, will make you wish you could do the whole thing over again.

1. The cake tasting

Are you two a chocolate raspberry with buttercream couple, or is a coconut rum treat dusted with hazelnuts more your style? You won’t know until you try! Even if you haven’t been indulging your sweet tooth lately, choosing the right cake is tough unless you sample tons of options. That’s just a fact.

2. The first time you try on the dress

When you’re on the hunt for your perfect dress, you might shed a few tears of frustration. No judgment! It makes finding the right one that much sweeter. When you first see yourself in the one, you’re catapulted to cloud nine.

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3. Your parents giving you away

Your parents taught you how to ride a bike, sent you off to college, and have been there for you during the whole planning process. Of course, you’re looking forward to a new life with your husband. Still, you wish them walking you down the aisle, about to officially give you away, wouldn’t pass by so quickly.

4. The first time your groom sees you on your wedding day

This is the man who regularly gets an eyeful of your morning bed-head and your sweat-drenched self after the gym. The fact that you can still wow him, maybe even enough to bring tears to his eyes, is pretty much the best compliment ever.

5. Listening to his vows

As you plan your wedding, you likely swing from panic to excitement to everything in between. But when you face your guy on your wedding day and he starts explaining exactly why he wants to commit to forever with you, it all sinks in. This is for real!


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