Simplify Your Honeymoon Planning in 5 Easy Steps

Honeymoon Planning Tips

Photo: Getty Images

After all the stress and excitement of wedding planning, we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted the honeymoon to be just plain simple. Here, five ways to take to make your life easy when you’re planning your honeymoon:

1. Work with a travel agent.

If a friend or family member has a travel agent they love, consider using them for this trip. Chances are you’re splurging on your honeymoon, and that you’re spending more time as well as more money on the trip, so this is a good moment to let someone else handle the details.

2. Consider a cruise.

Choosing a cruise vacation for your honeymoon means one decision gets you your lodging, your food, your ground transportation, and most activities. All you have to do is get yourself to the ship, and you’re good to go.

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3. Look into all-inclusive resorts.

Like the idea of paying once and getting your whole trip, but prefer a beach vacation that lets you sit in the sun from morning to night? Check out the sandy all-inclusive resorts of the Caribbean and Mexico. Many of them are adults-only, and they can be a great deal for couples who like to stay active and well as those who plan to toast to their new union all day long.

4. Have your bags shipped ahead.

One of the least pleasant parts of flying is dealing with luggage. Several companies — including Luggage Forward, Baggage Quest, and Luggage Free — let you plan ahead to ship your suitcase and have it waiting for you when you arrive, eliminating the to-check-or-not-to-check question entirely.

5. Ask your hotel for help.

If you’re staying a full-service resort, take advantage of their assistance and ask them to take a few things — from arranging for airport transfers to making dinner reservations and booking spa treatements — off of your to-do list.


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