WATCH: Dwyane Wade Says He Had Three Outfit Changes During His Wedding to Gabrielle Union!

Gabrielle Union herself called her husband Dwyane Wade a groomzilla before their August 2014 wedding, but even that couldn’t have prepared us for what he revealed during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night. The Miami Heat shooting guard told Meyers that he had three outfit changes during their Miami nuptials, as well as his own entrance song!

“I was more into the small details,” he said to clarify the somewhat mind-blowing revelation. “You got to know who you marry and I know my wife don’t care about the small details and I am a details guys.”

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Wade insisted that all of his attention to detail ultimately served to make his wife happy, as well. “I was paying for the wedding,” he added. “Her dad didn’t pay for it — that old story didn’t come true. So I wanted to make sure we got our money’s worth and I knew she’d appreciate it later, so I was a little over the top. But it was worth it.”

Over the top is right — and yet, Wade stands by his choices, stating that Union had her fair share of the spotlight. “You know how they say the wedding is about the woman?” he said. “No. It is about both of us. So I came down to my own song, had my own moment. I had three outfit changes, she had three outfit changes.”

About the last night outfit of the night, Meyers asked, “It wasn’t the LeBron was it?”

Wade laughed and said, “No. It was a lot less material.”


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