5 Things All Perfect Wedding Guests Have in Common

Sometimes it’s just a matter of finessing manners or gaining some common sense but there are a few things all good wedding guests have in common. Hopefully, these hacks will stop future attendees from being so clueless. (Brides, if only you could anonymously forward these tips to those certain someones on your guest list…)

Good guests understand if they are not invited to the wedding with a date.

Whether the reception is a picnic in the park or a fancy soirée at a four-star restaurant, you can bet that every bride and groom has a budget and a limit to the number of guests they can invite. If you’re not in a serious relationship, don’t whine that you can’t bring a plus-one. Dance with your friends or that hot single guy at Table 5.

Good guests RSVP on time so the bride doesn’t have to hunt them down.

She’s got plenty to do in the weeks leading up to the wedding — don’t make more work for her by forcing her to call you to find out whether or not you’re attending. Unless it’s an invite to a destination wedding, which requires serious consideration of your calendar and bank account, why not rsvp the same day the invitation arrives?

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Good guests dress appropriately for the occasion.

If your wedding wear would also work for a trip to the mall, you desperately need a fashion makeover. Most weddings don’t require guests to go all out in gowns and tuxedoes but they do require guests to respect the dress code. If you’re in doubt, ask the bride.

Good guests send a gift to the bride’s home instead of bringing it to the wedding.

No bride wants to lug home boxes and gift bags on her wedding night, which she’ll likely spend in a hotel anyway. Order the gift or mail the check two weeks ahead of the big day. That rule that you have a year to give a gift? It’s a bunch of bull. Would you wait a year to give a pal a birthday gift? We didn’t think so.


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