And the Bachelorette Is… (Plus, 5 More OMG Moments from the Second Night of the Season Premiere)

Bachelorette Recap Part 2

Photo: Courtesy of ABC

It wouldn’t be The Bachelorette if we weren’t left with a cliffhanger after Monday night’s first half of the season premiere. But, at long last, we have only one lady looking for love, and it’s … Kaitlyn Bristowe!

The night, though, wasn’t without its fair share of drama (of course). Britt left the mansion in tears, while those who voted for her clamored for one-on-one time with Kaitlyn. There were already a handful of makeout sessions, and the guys couldn’t help but get jealous. Here, the top five moments from last night’s season premiere, part two.

Kaitlyn calling her mom after finding out she was the Bachelorette.

Now this is exactly why we were #TeamKaitlyn. The girl is adorable! Like any normal human, Kaitlyn’s first instinct was to call her mom in disbelief and excitement and her giddiness got us even more amped for the season to come.

There was already a kiss … or two.

No one is wasting any time this season. Once Kaitlyn was announced as Bachelorette, go-getter and suave dentist Chris, after appearing nervous during his one-on-one time, laid a juicy one on her. The kiss, though, gave Kaitlyn the confidence she needed to continue macking it on her men, namely Shawn B who she gave the first impression rose to. Let the games begin!

Britt’s shadow still loomed.

Kaitlyn was nervous about Britt stealing her spotlight, and in some ways, even though she wasn’t chosen as Bachelorette, she still did. Brady, one of the contestants who came only for Britt, interrupted the first rose ceremony to let Kaitlyn know that his heart wasn’t in it (for her at least). Then, he asks Chris Harrison if he can connect him with the castoff. Chris says he can arrange something and as the credits for the episode rolled Brady drives up to Britt’s hotel. We’re left wondering a few things: Will there be a mini-series within the series each episode? Will Brady and Britt fall in love and have all B-named children? Only time will tell.

The amateur sex coach and law student/stripper didn’t make it.

We’re only disappointed because we were really interested in learning more about what an amateur sex coach actually does.

Nick Viall is back?!?!?!?!?

During the “dramatic highlight” reel to promote the upcoming season we got a glimpse at all of the good ol’ fashion Bachelorette drama to come — including something that made our draws actually drop to the ground: Nick Viall, runner-up and villain from Andi’s season of the Bachelorette. And it looks like when he returns, he kisses Kaitlyn and even fights with the men — who are obviously miffed that he gets a second chance — for her affection.


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