The Ultimate Wedding After-Party Playlist

To paraphrase R. Kelly, after the wedding, it’s the after-party. And at the wedding after-party, there had better be some amazing songs playing to get your guests even more into the groove than ever before! Whether you host your extended reception at your venue, hotel, or at a nearby bar or club, it’s crucial that you have an awesome playlist going that extends the good vibes well into the night. With a keen awareness that the ideal one includes a mix of current hits and danceable throwbacks, we curated a Spotify playlist that you’ll be obsessed with.

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Most of the time, wedding reception songs center around cross-generational tunes and special moments, like the first dance and the father/daughter dance. That cuts into the amount of time for more contemporary songs, and that’s why the after-party is so great. It means you can play jams like Zedd and Selena Gomez’s “I Want You to Know” and Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance.” Even slightly older songs like Flo Rida’s “Club Can’t Handle Me” or DJ Snake’s “Turn Down For What” might not fit into the grand scheme of things, but you can definitely dance to them after the reception ends.

We also love incorporating classic favorites like Daft Punk’s “One More Time,” Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It,” and Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.” With eminently danceable beats and lyrics everyone knows, it’s pretty much guaranteed that these songs will create an after-party will be one people rave about for years to come.

Sit back, relax, hit play on our playlist, and get ready for the best party of your life!


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