3 Couples Share Their Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Couples Reveal Secrets To A Happy Marriage

Photo: Elisa Bricker

Fact: Marriages take work. Lucky for you, though, three wives are willing to dish on the things that keep their marriages healthy and happy — and they’re things you can totally do, too!

“My top happy-marriage secret has nothing to do with my husband,” admits one wife, “and is all about maintaining my friendships. I went through a slump in the beginning of our marriage where I didn’t make plans with friends so I could soak up time with my new husband. But I realized the more I stepped away from the people and things I loved, the less and less happy I felt — and the less we had to talk about, too! So I make it a habit to spend time apart from him once a week. It’s a happiness boost for me, and it gives us something fun to relive together when I get home.”

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“We have a no-phones rule during certain times, including when we sit down to dinner and when we’re in bed,” says another married woman. “There’s nothing wrong with being active on social media, checking your email, or catching up with friends. But when we’re at the dinner table, we want to be focused on having quality conversations, not our phones. And when we’re in bed, well, you know — we don’t want to get distracted from putting one another in the mood!”

“Sex three times a week,” says another. “I swear it’s a magic number. Maybe that sounds like a lot, especially when you’re exhausted most weekdays from work and taking care of your kids. But if you can push past that tired feeling, it’s so worth it. I feel more connected to my husband — and have way more confidence in our marriage — now that we’ve made a commitment to not let our sex life slip.”


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