WATCH: How to Get the Perfect Fishtail Braid for Your Wedding

Dream of having Blake Lively’s gorgeous hair? Of course you do! Now, thanks to our expert fishtail braid how-to video, you can get one of the the red-carpet icon‘s most popular hairstyles for your own big day!

Fishtail braids are romantic and modern and will give your whole wedding ensemble a fresh, fashionable update. They’re perfect for anything from a beach wedding to a boho spring celebration and even your rehearsal dinner! Just look at the bevy of wedding braids on Pinterest and you’ll see a huge number of swoon-worthy fishtails.

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In our video, hairstylist Matt Fugate shows you how to easily create the perfect fishtail braid for your own wedding day (or, how to ensure your hairstylist does it the way you want). The best part: Crafting a fishtail braid is a lot easier than you’d think.

First, choose your part. Once you’ve decided where you’d like the braid to fall on your head, you can gather your hair in that spot. If you’re feeling confident, you can start the fishtail right then and there. If not, you can cheat it by pulling together a lot ponytail with a small elastic and cutting it out at the end.

From there on, split your ponytail in half and slowly but surely pull the outside strands in. Once you’re done tie an elastic and cut the top one. Voila! You’re braid has been officially Blake Lively-ified.

To see how to get this fishtail braid for your own wedding, be sure to watch the full how to video, above!


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