Exclusive: 3 Cool Christian Louboutin Manicures for Your Wedding Day

Christian Louboutin Bridal Manicures

Photo: Courtesy of Christian Louboutin

Want to wear a little Louboutin on your big day? (Or a little more, if you’re already got the shoes?) Do it with nail art! The designer recently collaborated with manicurist Madeline Poole to create three bridal manicures like you’ve never seen before. Here are the exclusive DIY directions for recreating them.

1. Something Blue

Partial to a clean, minimal aesthetic that’s still fun and different? Try this modern design. (We could so see it paired with a simple sheath.)

1. Buy ten small, flat square beads from a craft store, and place them on the sticky side of masking tape. The masking tape will keep them in place while you paint them with two coats of sheer tan polish (seen here: Christian Louboutin’s Me Nude). Allow them to dry for 20 minutes.

2. Apply base coat.

3. Brush on two coats of a celadon shade (they used Batignolles).

3. Apply top coat.

4. Once your polish is dry, squeeze a tiny dot of nail glue onto each nail, then carefully place the squares on top.

2. Bollywood Bride

The designer’s love of India inspired this one, which is an ode to traditional henna. Look closely — this intricate design extends beyond the nails!

1. Apply base coat, followed by two coats of a sheer, cream-colored polish (they used Christian Louboutin’s Sweet Charity). Let it dry completely.

2. Dip a nail detailing brush into a classic red like Rouge Louboutin, and mimic the henna pattern.

3. Finish with top coat.

4. Feeling extra daring? To mimic the design on the model’s fingers, use red liquid eyeliner to create horizontal lines, and eyelash glue to stick on a few red nail studs.

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3. Yes to Him

The designer was thinking of “whimsical, feminine” brides when he dreamt up this bright pink confection.

1. Brush on a base coat. (Note: The manicurist used Christian Louboutin Loubi Nail Primer for all three looks.)

2. Apply two coats of a fuchsia polish (such as Christian Louboutin’s Bengali) to your pinky, ring finger, and thumb nails.

3. Create the design on your pointer finger by dipping a nail detailing brush into the magenta, then drawing an outline of a ‘C’ shape and filling it in.

4. Leaving about two millimeters of blank space between the colors, use a hot pink shade (such as Pluminette) to draw the inner outline of the ‘C’ shape with a brush, then fill it in.

5. For your middle finger, dip your brush in the magenta, then paint an outline of an ‘L’ shape and fill it in.

6. Leaving two millimeters of blank space between the colors, paint a bright pink ‘L’ shape inside the first one and fill it in.

7. Finish with top coat. (They used Loubi Nail Gloss for all three looks.)


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