We Asked, You Told: Creative Save-the-Date Ideas!

Creative save-the-date ideas

Photos: 1. Courtesy of Rosie Clifton, 2. Courtesy of Anna Bendickson, 3. Courtesy of Allie Rawlins, 4. Courtesy of Natalie Enoerteha

Your save-the-date is the first time you announce your wedding style and personality to your guests, which explains why a lot of couples put pressure on themselves to find one that perfectly speaks to their relationship. Standard cards and magnets are always a great way to go, but with so many other options, like a clever message in a bottle, or a throwback-style mini vinyl record, we love seeing what real brides and grooms opt for. We asked our Facebook followers to share photos of how they declared their wedding date and theme on paper, and the results were predictably fabulous. Here, our favorites:

1. Destination: Wedding. Once we got over our jealousy that bride Rosie Clifton is getting married in Italy, we had to admire her beautiful watercolor save-the-date. The soft pink hue is classically romantic, just like the country.

2. Thumbprinted with love. Is this a personal touch, or what? Bride Anna Bendickson and her groom sealed their otherwise classic save-the-dates with overlapping thumbprints to create a heart. All we can say is that we really heart this idea.

3. Save the date — literally. If you really don’t want your guests to forget your wedding date, send out magnets printed with a calendar, like bride Allie Rawlins did! It helps that the heart marking the day is super cute, too.

4. A fortunate idea. “We ordered custom fortune cookies, put them in mini take away boxes and sent them or handed them out,” bride Natalie Enoerteha wrote of this absolutely awesome save-the-date. We’re sure her guests loved it, as well!


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