The Stars of TLC’s New Reality Show Curvy Brides on 4 Things Every Plus-Size MOB Should Know

Curvy Brides Mother of the Bride Tips

Photo: Courtesy of TLC

Each week we’ll be featuring plus-size wedding style tips from Yukia Walker and Yuneisia Harris, sisters and owners of Curvaceous Couture, and stars of the new TLC reality show Curvy Brides. Pioneers in their field, Yukia and Yuneisia’s shop is the first of its kind, specializing in plus-size bridal. Here, they offer up useful tips for plus-size mother of the bride (and grooms) trying to find a great dress for their daughter’s big day.

It’s ok to go for color.

“Mothers are recognized as the most important person in the wedding next to the bride whether she’s on the groom or bride’s side, which means it’s her show too,” the sister explained. “Back in the day mothers would keep it neutral with blush and beige. Not it’s ok to choose a color, just make sure it compliments the bridal party and bride!”

Don’t be afraid of structure.

“A lot of mother of the bride dresses don’t have structure. It’s never a bad idea to build structure with undergarments or alterations. Take in certain areas, too. A lot of work goes into mother of the bride dresses, but it’s worth it!”

Make sure to give yourself enough time to get the dress.

“Mothers can put off getting their dress and wait until the last minute because they’re busy helping the bride and bridesmaids get organized,” the sisters explained. “But moms need just as much time to order the right dress ! Give yourself five to six months.When it comes down to curves and dresses you’re going to have to get it altered so you also want to allow a good timeframe to do that.”

Remember: there are no set rules!

“Get what you’re comfortable in. There are no rules to being a mother of the bride anymore it’s about wearing what you feel comfortable and beautiful in — if you want to wear a short dress than you should wear a short dress!”

For more from Yukia and Yuneisia, be sure to tune into Curvy Brides at 9:30/8:30C on TLC tonight!


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