Find Out What Chris Soules’s Dancing with the Stars Partner Is Giving Him as a Wedding Gift

Chris Soules Dancing with the Stars

Photo: Getty Images

Chris Soules may have gotten eliminated on last night’s episode of Dancing With the Stars, but with word of dance partner Witney Carson’s wedding present, it sounds like he won in the long run.

“I think she’s probably going to start taking lessons,” Chris told E! News of his fiancée Whitney Bischoff. “I think she’s gotten inspired by watching me. I’d love to teach her, but I don’t think I’m capable of teaching at this point!”

Dance partner Carson chimed in, chuckling that he’s not in the position to teach, but that she’d happily do that for them as a wedding present. His payment? “He’d just trade me in corn and soybeans!” She retorted.

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And while his dancing days are done (for now, at least), he did talk about how much his future Mrs. supported him throughout the process, even though they’re currently miles apart from one another.

“We talk in the evenings because in the daytime it’s crazy,” Soules said of their hectic long-distance schedules. “I’d come home, I’d show her on the iPad what we’ve done, and she’d love that. She’s always so impressed… no matter what I did she’d be impressed.” How sweet! With that amount of support they’re setting up themselves well for marriage.

In the immediate future, Soules says he’s to get back to farming, but we’re hoping he’s getting amped about wedding planning — we could use another Bachelor Nation nuptials soon!


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