How to Decide If a Traditional Wedding Cake Is Right for You

As tasty a task as choosing your wedding cake may be, the choice isn’t as simple as settling on a flavor. A miniature cake won’t serve 300 guests, but a towering tiered confection is excessive for a friends-and-family affair, begging the question: is there an appropriate alternative to the ceiling-scraping wedding cake? Our etiquette experts weigh in.

You’re in luck with your dessert dilemma, as the classic multi-tiered buttercream cake is no longer a nuptial necessity. Faced with the notion of spending a fortune on a colossal cake that may not be eaten, many modern brides choose to purchase a smaller, more ornate wedding cake to slice with their fiancé as well as a plain sheet cake in the same flavor to serve to guests. Without the complex design and adornment, a plain sheet cake is a fraction of the price you’d pay for an embellished and tiered confection, yet your guests won’t know the difference.

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In addition, the assorted dessert buffet is a major bridal trend for 2015. Whether cupcakes or custard is your cup of tea, a spread of sweet treats is an inexpensive and guest-pleasing alternative to the traditional three-tiered cake. With a dessert table, you can choose a wider range of favorite treats instead of settling for a single flavor, and an artistic display of tempting snacks will lend a more playful design angle to your celebration that a customary cake on a stand.


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