The Stars of TLC’s New Reality Show Curvy Brides on 5 Things Every Plus-Size Bride Should Know

Curvy Brides Yukia Walker and Yuneisa Harris

Photo: Courtesy of TLC

Each week we’ll be featuring plus-size wedding style tips from Yukia Walker and Yuneisia Harris, sisters and owners of Curvaceous Couture, and stars of the new TLC reality show Curvy Brides. Pioneers in their field, Yukia and Yuneisia’s shop is the first of its kind, specializing in plus-size bridal. Here, they offer up useful tips for plus-size brides trying to find their dream wedding dress.

Scour social media

For any bride, figuring out where to begin your wedding dress hunt can be a struggle — especially if you want to find a shop that carries your size. Yukia and Yuneisia’s suggestion? Use social media to find a boutique that’s right for you. “With a lot of mom and pop boutiques and family-run businesses, googling doesn’t always bring you to an actual boutique that carries plus sizes,” the sisters advised. “Searching social media should help out and a ton designers’ websites indicate whether they carry plus sizes.”

Stay positive

Once you do find a store that’s right for you and decide to visit, be sure to bring a positive attitude. “You should have a great attitude and be open and ready to try on certain gowns and shapes and materials,” Yukia and Yuneisia said. “Honestly be realistic — even someone whose a size 2 wouldn’t fit into a dress perfectly on her first try.”

Go outside of our comfort zone

Sure, you might have an idea of your dream dress, but you never know which one will be the one. “Come inspired, look around, bring magazines take the time to look at styles you like, and be willing to try on anything,” the sisters recommended.

Find the right fabric

While no one silhouette is the best — all bodies are different after all! — the sisters say plus-size brides will often be happier with a more sturdy fabric. “The fabrics that work, like satin, taffeta, and tulle, have good structure and strength and really do shape out the body,” they said. “The stronger the fabric the better.”

Know your budget

The absolutely, most important tip they have for any bride is to come to your appointment prepared with a major alterations budget. “Make sure keep to have a good alterations budget at hand,” the sisters said. “The right alteration and fit will do amazing things for your body. Doing alterations is difficult, and it can be costly, so make sure you figure that before you go shopping.”

For more from Yukia and Yuneisia, be sure to tune into the premiere of Curvy Brides at 9:30/8:30C on TLC tonight!


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