Rain-Proof Your Wedding Hairstyle in 6 Simple Steps

Every bride wishes for picture-perfect weather on her wedding day, but mother nature occasionally has other plans. Rain and humidity may prove inconvenient for your photographs, but the weather conditions are even worse for a bridal hairdo. But if you properly prepare your hair for the forecast, you can sidestep frizz and flattened locks. Creative Director of Living Proof Tim Rogers and Rita Hazan stylists Sean James Deceurs, Mylo, and Jennifer Matos offer their tips on how to weatherproof a bridal hairdo.

1. Spritz strands with flexible hold hairspray

Rogers favors a flexible hold hairspray for long-lasting yet touchable, modern styles. “I love the Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Weightless Styling Spray because it eliminates frizz by blocking humidity and smooths each strand without weighing hair down! So important for photos!” he suggests.

2. Sculpt a simple updo

“If you’re anticipating humidity consider wearing your hair back or up in style that limits how much hair can be disturbed by humidity,” says Rogers. No matter how much moisture is hanging in the air, a streamlined hairstyle will remain pristine.

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3. Utilize cool air to set your style

“Diffuse curls or hit them with cool air to take out frizz and add shine. This will also help them stay intact for longer. This closes the pores of the hair, holding in any frizz and keeping hair looking shinier,” Deceurs recommends.

4. Banish flyaways aith a toothbrush

If flyaway strands are a concern, Matos relies on an unconventional yet tried-and-true item: a trusty toothbrush. “The best trick to keep flyaways tame is using a new toothbrush, spraying it with a strong hold hairspray such as Oribe Superfine Strong, and gently brush flyaways you see,” Matos explains.

5. Make volumizer your best friend

A mousse will provide hair with both volume and hold, an essential combination for a hairdo that must last from “I do’s” to dancing. “Get 60 percent of moisture out of hair and use a volumizer to start styling to give curls volume,” Deceurs urges brides.

6. Start prepping before your wedding hair appointment

The secret to a weather-proof wedding hairdo may be as simple as a three-step prep before brides blow dry their hair. “In humid weather, start by using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and then blow dry the hair while it’s damp. I like to work a straightening gel into the hair to help close the cuticles of the hair before blow drying. Then I touch up the hair by taking big sections of the hair with a flat iron or curling iron,” Mylo reveals. By properly nourishing and preparing strands before heat styling, brides can prolong their hairstyle and add extra luster to their locks.


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