Did a Ghost Photobomb This Couple’s Wedding Picture?!

Ghost wedding picture photobomb

Photo: Reddit

Wedding photo bombs are a dime a dozen these days, but the surprise in newlyweds Kevin and Christiana Dennis’s snapshot is out of this world — literally. Last week, Kevin posted their favorite wedding picture on Reddit, noting that they liked it until they noticed something lurking in between their faces.

“We still don’t know what it was,” he wrote in the caption. “Her sister said it might be her but that face looks absolutely nothing even close to it,” he wrote further down the thread. “That face looks like a baby face imo.”

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One commenter latched onto that notion, saying, “It’s your unborn baby.” Others, of course, hatched their own zany Reddit theories. “Looks like the mutants from The Hills Have Eyes,” one wrote, while another said, “It’s Gollum, and he wants his precious back.” Some more hilarious theories were that it’s the spawn of Satan or a crazy ex-girlfriend.

Some posited slightly less sci-fi theories, suggesting that the mysterious image is the bride’s hair, a wedding guest making an intentionally scary face, or even a bench.

Luckily, Reddit being the vigilante network it is, a commenter kindly Photoshopped the original photo into something much less disturbing. “My wife really appreciates it,” Kevin said in response to the new image. “She had this as her FB profile picture but somebody said something about the person behind and then she kinda got freaked out a little and now she’s happy again. Happy wife = Happy life.”

Isn’t that the truth?


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