Stop What You’re Doing and Watch This Wes Anderson-Inspired Save-the-Date Immediately

You might as well stop trying, because this couple wins everything with their save-the-date video. Inspired by Wes Anderson, engaged duo Jon Sukarangsan and Jess Lau put together one-of-the-best save-the-dates we’ve ever seen.

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Featuring side-by-side shots of them that feel very Moonrise Kingdom and Grand Budapest Hotel, the twosome show-off their favorite hobbys in a quirky way. The activities are nothing special and pretty akin to what typical couples enjoy: Fine drinks, comforting meals, reading material, outdoor activities, and more. But the way it’s executed, and with She and Him soundtrack guiding the action, it could easily pass as an indie romcom. There’s also some sweet shots of their stolen smiles and more vulnerable moments from what we can only assume were from past vacations they’ve taken together. In the end, they arrive opposite one another dressed in colorful garb in front of a door that says “Save the Date.” The entire thing is concluded with the location (The Catskills) the date (9.19.15) and the hashtag, which, like this video, is quite possibly one of the best hashtags we’ve ever seen (#HellYesJonandJess).

The video was first posted on their wedding website, which is in and of itself above the rest of the pack. Their bio is illustrated by a graphic novel the groom himself scrawled. The facts you need to know are that these two met in 2008 in front of the famed Bull Statue by Wall Street and got engaged in August. They started out as friends, but soon began taking adventures together and fell in love.

Watch the masterful save the date above — we can only imagine how incredible their wedding video will be.


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