Edible Wedding Favors: Fresh Fruit

If you’re looking for an affordable and delicious wedding favor idea, consider fresh in-season fruit. It’s a great budget-saver and, with some stylish packaging, makes for an elegant parting gift. Here are some of our favorite fresh-fruit favor ideas.

Fruit Stand (above): At the reception, invite guests to help themselves to barrels of fresh cherries, apples, and oranges to enjoy at home.

Peaches & Apples: The chalkboard sign reads: “She’s his Georgia peach, he’s the apple of her eye. Please take one of each.”

Blueberries: Provide small fruit baskets and invite guest to help themselves to buckets full of ripe blueberries.

Cherries: A paper sack full of cherries is a delicious take-home wedding favor.

fresh fruit wedding favors

Photo: Anna Rose

Grapes: Portion out red and green grapes into paper bags for guests to enjoy as they depart from the reception.

Plums: Wooden fruit baskets filled with ripe plums and berries makes for a beautiful and affordable wedding favor.


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