We Asked, You Told: The Best New Wedding Hairstyles on Facebook!

Wedding hairstyles pictures ideas

Photos: 1. Courtesy of Courtney Cotto, 2. Courtesy of Meghann Brady Caswell, 3. Courtesy of Brooklyn Whatley, 4. Courtesy of Bree Behrendt

Romantic braids, elaborate buns, beachy waves, oh my! The possibilities for an awesome wedding hairstyle are endless. No matter what kind of event you plan, there’s a ‘do destined for you — sleek chignons work especially well with veils for a formal wedding, while long, loose locks are ideal for a more bohemian flower crown. We’ll never tire of looking at new, exciting ways for brides to do their hair, so we reached out to our Facebook audience and asked them to share photos of their looks! The results were predictably gorgeous, so we picked our four favorite ideas.

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1. A little sparkle goes a long way. This is unfussy, a little undone, but not at all un-glamorous, thanks to the pretty, beaded clip that bride Courtney Cotto added to it. We love it for a casual, outdoor wedding with a bit of whimsy.

2. Flower power. Bride Meghann Brady Caswell kept things simple for her wedding; flowy waves and a sweet, pink flower accent her lacy wedding dress perfectly. It’s proof that the “less is more” rule really rings true!

3. The allure of Frozen. Does Brooklyn Whatley’s bridal braid remind you of Elsa from the hit Disney animated movie? It should — she cited it as her inspiration when she shared this snapshot! We like how she paired it with a flower crown to keep it from looking too princessy.

4. A classic chignon. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Bride Bree Behrendt’s gorgeous updo is beautiful, traditional, and great for a veil.


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