6 Things That Kill Your Husband’s Sex Drive

Things That Kill Sex Drive

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We’ve all heard that rumor that men think about sex every seven seconds — but that’s just not so. Even the most sexually adventurous wife could encounter a time when her husband just isn’t in the mood to get it on. In fact, “I’ve found that about 30 percent of women say they have a higher sex drive than their male partner,” says sex expert Nikki Ransom Alfred.

Here, the expert identifies six culprits that could be killing your husband’s sex drive. (We’ll get to how to nip them in the bud below.)


Turns out, smoking’s not just bad for his overall health — it can such the life out of your husband’s sex drive. “Smoking restricts our blood flow, and less blood flowing to his penis can result in weak or unpredictable erections,” Ransom Alfred explains.

Money problems.

“Money issues cause worry and stress, which are two sex-drive killers,” she says.


Has your husband switched to a new regular prescription, or been popping antibiotics to kick a cold? “A side effect of many medications, from antidepressants to allergy medicine, is a decrease one’s sex drive,” says Ransom Alfred.

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“A poor diet can result in a nutritional deficiency, and our bodies require certain foods, vitamins and minerals for proper sexual functioning,” ransom Alfred explains. “A lack of things like magnesium, zinc and good cholesterols will cause one’s libido to drop.”


Too much alcohol can ruin a wedding night, but it can also cause your new husband’s sex drive to take a nose dive. “It’s been proven to cause a drop in libido and erection difficulties,” Ransom Alfred says.


“As men age, their level of testosterone begins to lower,” she says. “And a lower testosterone level means a lower sex drive.”

Now that you know the culprits, it’s time to talk about what you can do about them. Reduce your husband’s stress-level — and heighten his sexual desire — with a weekend getaway packed with relaxing activities, Ransom Alfred suggest. “It will be the perfect time for you to have some adult fun.”

If you suspect his low sex drive is due more to health concerns, consider adopting a routine that includes daily vitamins and healthful meals. “Zinc and magnesium are especially important to our sexual functioning and sex drive,” Ransom Alfred says.

And one sure way to rev his engine? “Talk about new sex acts, positions, and ideas that you two want to try in the bedroom,” she says. “All of the dirty talk, arousing thoughts and excitement may help you two bring the groove back to your marriage.”


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