We Asked, You Told: Pretty Spring Wedding Photos!

Spring wedding ideas pictures

Photos: 1. Courtesy of Macie Astolfo Hill, 2. Courtesy of Krystal Williams, 3. Courtesy of Amanda Iverson

The most popular wedding season has begun! You read that right — although June remains the busiest month for marriage, 24 percent of brides surveyed in our American Wedding Survey named an April or May wedding date. What with the gorgeous flowers blooming and better weather, we can’t say we’re surprised. Given this surprising statistic, we asked our Facebook audience to show us photos from their spring wedding. The results were as colorful as we expected, so we picked a few favorites to highlight:

1. As beautiful as a dusty rose

Perhaps the most stunning way to highlight the vibrant hues of spring is to wear a non-white wedding dress. Bride Macie Astolfo Hill’s blush gown shows exactly why — the soft shade makes the nature surrounding her look extra pretty.

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2. Blooming like a cherry blossom

We’re in love with this artistic photo, shared by bride Krystal Williams. Surely she and her groom have other photos where they’re fully in focus, but the flowers in this one obviously had to take center stage!

3. A pop of color

Winter mountain weddings are definitely striking, but the scenery is just as pretty — and a little more manageable — in the spring. Bride Amanda Iverson wisely selected a warmer wedding date for her mountainside bash, and accented it with bright colors for the whole bridal party.


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