Peter Facinelli’s Proposal to Jaimie Alexander Was Nearly Ruined! Read the Hilarious Story

Top of the world with my love @peterfacinelli @empirestatebldg #Love #ES

A photo posted by Jaimie Alexander (@jaimiealexander) on Mar 16, 2015 at 3:17pm PDT

You may think celebrity engagement stories are all private helicopters and rented stadiums, but turns out, former Twilight star Peter Facinelli’s proposal almost didn’t happen. Just two weeks after he got engaged, the American Odyssey star told People it was all almost one huge flub!

Facinelli popped the question on top of the Empire State Building, but what you may not know is that he decided to ask his love, Thor star Jaimie Alexander, with a plane blanner. The plane was set to circle the skyscraper at 4 p.m., but his now-fiancé Jaimie got cold and nearly foiled his plans.

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“At 3:55 she was like, ‘I’m cold, I’m going to go inside,'” Facinelli described of the day. “And then all of a sudden I look up when she went in and the plane was there!”

He went to grab Alexander, but was almost too late. “I had binoculars and I looked up and I saw a helicopter, and I looked and couldn’t find [the plane] because I was nervous that it had left,” Facinelli added, “and then I gave the binoculars to her and she goes, ‘Yeah, it’s right there,’ and then she read the banner so it worked out.”

That wasn’t the only issue though: Facinelli was wearing a new pair of skinny jeans and hilariously almost didn’t make it down on one knee! “I had just bought these new jeans and they were a little tight,” he described. “So I said, ‘My jeans are tight but I’ll try to get down on one knee.'” Too funny!

Well we’re glad that despite the hairy moment all worked out and most importantly, she said yes!


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