7 Rules for Creating Your Wedding Hashtag

Let’s face it: practically everyone is on social media. Even our mothers and grandmothers are tweeting and liking our Instagram pictures, so there’s no avoiding social media at your upcoming wedding. A rather difficult decision is deciding a hashtag for guests to use during your ceremony and reception and even leading up to the day. Here, seven things to keep in mind before settling on #TheBestHashtagEver.

Do a quick search before sending it to print.

Before you make the hashtag official by printing it on your save-the-dates, you should do a check to see if the hashtag is already being used and how many tweets and photos are associated with it. Minimal activity that is not wedding-related is perfectly fine, but you will need to choose your next option if another couple is already using the same hashtag for their big day.

Simplicity is always best.

Your guests have a few things to get in order for your wedding including their outfit, transportation, and their gift, so keeping your hashtag as simple as possible is best.

Conjoining your last names always makes for an easy and memorable hashtag.

That way you’re both represented and the hashtag serves as a reminder to everyone of your special union.

Don’t be afraid to add some personality.

It could be the location of your first date or even the name of your shared pet.

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Inject a matrimony-perfect word.

Everyone is in attendance to celebrate your union, so get your guests in the mood by adding a nuptials-centric term like “love” or “4ever”. The sweeter, the better!

Share it wherever possible — and far in advance.

You can look back at the tweets and Instagram photos of your wedding for years to come, so you definitely want to make sure that your friends and family get the hashtag right and start using it early on. Be sure to include it on your wedding website and display it at the ceremony and reception.

Don’t obsess over it.

The best hashtags come out of creativity and fun. Put an hour aside with your to-be spouse to ideate and promise to come to a decision after that 60 minutes.


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