6 Topics Every Bride-to-Be Vents About

Topics Brides To Be Want To Vent About

Photo: Getty Images

Surprise, surprise! Wedding planning isn’t all hearts and flowers; it’s an emotional roller coastal full of highs and lows. And sometimes, a bride-to-be just has to let it all out. Ladies, tell us if you can’t relate to these six topics practically every engaged girl vents about.

1. Flaky friends

If you didn’t know who your true friends were before the wedding, well, you definitely will now! While some of your unmarried pals might not fully understand how important that dress shopping trip or bridesmaid brunch is to you, it still doesn’t make it suck any less when a friend flakes on you last minute.

2. A less than helpful fiancée

Whatever makes you happy, honey,” is the least helpful response ever! You get that your guy doesn’t care as much about flowers, table settings and wedding décor as much as you do, but it sure would be nice if he had an opinion on something (anything!) wedding-related when you ask for his thoughts.

3. People you don’t want to invite

But you’re basically forced to because they’re either related to you, related to your fiancée, or your parent’s friends and your parents are footing the bill for the wedding so you can’t exactly veto them.

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4. Last-minute RSVP changes

Speaking of wedding guests, there’s nothing that gets a bride more worked up than a last-minute cancellation complete with a lame excuse as to why a guest can’t come. Unless it’s a true emergency, if you RSVP yes, guests should make it a priority to show up.

5. Other people’s expectations

Mom thinks you should have a church wedding. Dad wants to invite all his co-workers. And his parents insist on a sit-down dinner. Seriously? They may say it’s “your day”, but in reality, it’s a whole lot of give and take and trying to please people, yourself included.

6. The overall costs

It’s a shame Pinterest pics don’t come with a price tag! Whether your budget is $20,000 or 10 times that, the total cost of a wedding can be absolutely mind-boggling and enough to make you mad. Like so mad you just want to call up everyone in your phone book and complain about it.


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