What Should You Wear for a More Casual, Second Reception?

What to Wear to Second Wedding Celebration

Photo: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Including all of your loved ones in your wedding is a challenge, especially when distance or cost makes their attendance inconvenient. A second celebration is the perfect way to make sure all of your desired guests are involved in the festivities, but what is the dress code for a post-wedding reception? Our etiquette experts weigh in.

Before scheduling an emergency appointment with your bridal boutique to snag a second dress, think about the vibe of the second reception. The time of day and location will influence the vibe of the affair, and getting a sense of these details will help you better determine how casual your ensemble should be. A morning or midday celebration calls for a tea length dress or streamlined trousers and blouse, while a pop of sparkle or a satin accent are perfectly acceptable for evening cocktails. If your original wedding gown was a simple design, you may also consider shortening it for the reception and adding a matching blazer or sweater to give the look a more relaxed tone.

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However, the reception is still in celebration of you and your fiancé, so don’t feel obliged to follow the dress code to the letter. As the bride, you’re entitled to steal the show in a floor length maxi dress for an evening celebration, or sport an embellished cardigan over a simple shift at noon. Simply make sure your ensemble doesn’t stray into black tie territory, and you’ll be appropriately attired for the fete.


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