The Blush You Need to Be Wearing on Your Wedding Day


Photo: Getty Images

What’s skin-brightening, face-flattering, and an absolute must for your wedding day? Pink blush! “It looks beautiful on every bride,” says makeup artist Jessica Liebeskind. Here, her tips for getting it right.

Double up.

“Every bride needs two shades of pink blush,” Liebeskind says. “You want a neutral shade to give your skin a soft glow and a brighter shade to add a pop of color.” The neutral shade should look flattering when you aren’t wearing any other makeup, but “it shouldn’t be so earthy that it appears brown, rust, or orange, which can look muddy and unnatural,” she says. The second blush can be in the same color family, but one or two shades brighter.

Apply it right.

Start with the neutral shade. Grab a big, fluffy brush, smile, then dust it on and just below the apples of your cheeks, before moving up to towards your hairline. (Go for a motion that’s similar to a check mark.) Then, layer the other shade directly on top. “Wearing both will give your blush staying power,” says Liebeskind.

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Don’t skimp.

Don’t be shy — on the big day, it’s okay to go a little heavier with your application than you might any other time. “The extra color not only keeps you looking refreshed and happy, but also photographs beautifully and prevents you from looking washed out,” Liebeskind says.

Try this cheat sheet.

For those with light or medium skin, Liebeskind likes Benefit Turned On Face Powder in Thrrrob and Stila Custom Color Blush in Sheer Pink. If you have medium to dark skin, try Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Plum Wine and Nars blush in Desire.


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