3 Sex Questions You Should Ask After You Get Married

Sex Questions to Ask After Marriage

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You may have gotten the 4-1-1 on sex before you tied the knot, but that doesn’t mean you’re done exploring the topic with your new spouse. Even after you’ve said “I do,” it’s important to continue an open, sexual conversation with your S.O.

“Our sexuality is our foundation, and it’s often tough to talk about it with our lover,” says clinical sexologistDr. Patti Britton. “I have found that women — and men — can have sex, but few can find the courage, self-confidence and drive to open their mouths to talk about it, especially if there’s a lot at stake in an ongoing relationship. Talking about sex is risky — it raises fear, guilt, shame, embarrassment and the risk of asking for too much and losing the relationship.”

So solidify your relationship and feel satisfied sexually by asking these three questions long after the wedding day:

How satisfied are you now with our sex life?

This is a chance to chat about the things that are working, and what seems to be missing.

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What can we do to improve it?

Create an action plan, together, for how you can kick things up a notch rather than stay complacent.

Can we have a weekly check-in?

Use this time to “discuss and enhance the sexual intimacy in your relationship,” says Britton.

Not married yet? Be sure to ask your future husband these four questions!


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