The Real Reason Amal Clooney Always Looks So Flawless

George Clooney Amal Alamuddin date night Babbo

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After a little more than six months into George and Amal Clooney’s marriage, these two seem to have their husband and wife dynamic down pat. Apparently, all of the enviable designer outfits she wears (hello, Giambattista Valli and Oscar de la Renta!) are pre-approved by her A-list movie star husband.

“George is very involved in selecting her looks,” a source close the couple revealed to Us Weekly. “He’ll watch her try on clothes and will say, ‘I like that. You should get it,’ or ‘No, not that.'”

Judging by Amal’s date-night wear and all of her to die for wedding-weekend attire, George is an impeccable stylist. And just like how they installed a panic room in their England mansion to protect Amal for her high-profile law career, they have a tricked-out closet in their Los Angeles-area home designed specifically to accommodate her fashion needs.

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“He installed a runway, floor-to-ceiling mirrors, and a crazy light system in their closet,” the source added of George’s alterations their wardrobe. “Amal can see every single angle and tell if her outfit is see-through!” Okay, now we’re getting a little jealous.

Though it would seem as though the human rights barrister-turned-Columbia Law School professor might be too strong-willed to listen to her Tomorrowland star hubby’s sartorial advice, the opposite is true. “Amal loves it!” the source continued. “She shops a lot because she needs her lawyer looks and then street clothes.”

Whatever they’re doing, they should keep it up — Amal has never looked better!


The Best Wedding-Dress Style for Every Body Type

Let’s face the reality: No bride will look amazing in every single style of wedding dress. It’s just not how the world (or wedding dresses) works. For as many body types as there are out there, there are silhouettes and details to complement them. Here, we break down the best wedding-dress styles by body type, to ensure you’re feeling your most confident and beautiful on your big day! Plus, this should help you narrow down all of the options once you start dress shopping (trust us, there are a ton of options).

Your Shape: Apple

A deep-V neckline cuts into your midsection, making it look slimmer. Plus, it pulls eyes up toward your décolletage.

Your Shape: Pear

A corset bodice draws attention to your narrow waist, and a skirt that’s fuller or in a structured fabric will help balance out your bottom half.

Your Shape: Petite

A trumpet or modified A-line with a raised waist is super elongating. Just be wary of excessive layers and ruffles, which can bury a slight build.

Your Shape: Tall

Play to your height with a minimalist, linear look, and go easy on the embellishment, as it can be too much on a longer frame.

Your Shape: Athletic

Add curves to your hard-won angles with a body-con fit-and-flare design in a gathered, fluid fabric.

Your Shape: Hourglass

Any waist-cinching silhouette will suit your enviable assets. Look for a sweetheart neckline, which mimics your curves.

For the best wedding dresses, advice, and big-day inspiration, pick up the BRIDES June/July 2015 issue, which hits newsstands on May 5 and is available for download here!

Are Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Getting Back Together?

Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth Getting Back Together

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Well, this is a reunion we didn’t expect: Miley Cyrus is said to have been “hanging out” with ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth ever since she broke up with her boyfriend of five months, Patrick Schwarzenegger.

“They’ve been hanging out in L.A., but only a few people know,” a source close to the Hunger Games hunk told Us Weekly of the former bride-and-groom-to-be. “Dating could definitely happen.”

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These meet-ups didn’t come without a whole lot of work and time off, though. Apparently, right after their split in September 2013, Liam refused to talk to Miley. Miley, on the the other hand, never gave up.

“Liam cut her off, but she would still text him,” another source added on their now on-again-off-again relationship. “He eventually started answering. They would check in on each other here and there.”

Just because Miley finally got through to him, though, doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily getting back together. Liam is still healing from their initial split, after all. “Liam has rough stories about that relationship,” the initial insider noted. “But he always talks about how fun she was to hang out with and their great chemistry.”

If there’s one thing we know about Hollywood, though, no matter how tough the breakup a reunion often points to a couple eventually getting back together. In the land of on-again-off-again relationships, we hope this one is on again and for good! We can only imagine how hot Liam would look in a tux and how unique of a bride Miley would make. We’ll be watching you two!

It’s Will and Kate’s Fourth Wedding Anniversary! Will the Second Royal Baby Arrive Today?

Kate Middleton pregnant royal baby 2 gender

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We can hardly believe it’s been four years since we woke up at the crack of dawn to watch Kate Middleton marry Prince William in what can only be considered the most highly anticipated wedding of the decade. While memories of their Westminster Abby nuptials and Kate’s iconic Alexander McQueen wedding dress, will be forever ingrained in our minds, there’s plenty more to be excited about for this couple on their fourth anniversary.

There’s no word on whether Will went with a traditional anniversary gift — fruit or flowers — or with something more modern. In contemporary times, couples exchange appliances on the fourth anniversary, but we’re willing to bet Kate isn’t in need of a new stove or mixer. One thoughtful gift that would be perfectly inline with classic anniversary gifting? A bouquet of Lily of the Valley, the very same flower Kate toted down the aisle on her wedding day.

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According to People, there’s one gift that royal watchers are hoping that Kate will give William today — baby number two! Fans of the royal couple are anxiously awaiting word that the next royal heir will be born today and have, unsurprisingly, camped out in front of the Lindo wing of St. Mary’s hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge will give birth.

Strange as it may be, it’s not entirely unlikely. As of Monday, Kate was reportedly four days past her due date and the royal parents-to-be were considering inducing labor. Whether their baby arrives today or not, the happy couple will spend the day together in celebration. “They will be spending it privately,” a Kensington Palace spokesperson told Us Weekly of their anniversary plans, which is exactly what we’d expect of the surprisingly down-to-earth pair.

In honor of their anniversary, take a look back at their memorable wedding day in our slideshow of the best royal wedding moments!

Why You Need to Start Packing Your Wedding Wardrobe ASAP

How to Prepare Your Wardrobe for Your Wedding

Photo: Samm Blake

You can’t start packing for your wedding too early. No, seriously. You should be making that packing list the day you start planning your wedding because that is when your mind is racing and you’re thinking of all the little things you might need.

Even if you’re getting married in your hometown, having a list of the things you’ll need is critical. Odds are you’re not getting ready at home. Or you’re not dressing at home. You need to create a list of every possible thing you could ever possibly need and have it with you that day.

And the honeymoon—don’t forget the honeymoon! As you begin shopping for that special trip, you should be putting all of those clothes aside and not wearing them beforehand. Otherwise, they won’t be quite as special. Invest n a portable rolling clothing rack you can put all of your wedding clothes on (both yours and your fiancé’s) as you accrue those items during the planning process.

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For those brides and grooms who are having a destination wedding, and some of whom will be taking off directly from their wedding destination on a honeymoon someplace else, packing can be a real project. To streamline the process, take two boxes and label them “Things to Pack” and “Things to Ship.” For a destination wedding, you will inevitably have things you need to send ahead to your wedding planner or your venue. As you get these things, put them in the box to ship.

As you buy things for your wedding day—special perfumes, jewelry, hair pins, shoes, etc.—put them in the “Things to Pack” box. Not only will this keep everything organized in one place so you don’t have to hunt for it, it’s also the best way to keep an eye on how much shipping and packing space you’re going to need.

If you’re leaving on your honeymoon directly from your wedding, everything should be pre-packed, as much as possible, in a separate suitcase you’re not going to open til after you’ve gotten married. You’ll likely have a list of things you need to be sure to switch from your wedding luggage to your honeymoon baggage—Dopp kit, makeup, hair supplies, some shoes, etc.—but if you have the list ready to go before your wedding, you won’t have to even think twice when it’s time to load and go.

There’s no such thing as being too organized or too prepared. The earlier you start your plan for packing, the more relaxed you’ll be in the month prior to your wedding date.

Owner of Weddings in Vieques, a destination-wedding planning company off the coast of Puerto Rico, Sandy Malone has helped countless couples plan their big day since 2007.

6 Things Wedding Planners Wish Brides Would Stop Obsessing About

Brides, did you know that the more control you try to exert over your big day, the less in control you’ll actually feel? That’s because certain aspects, such as the weather, are simply out of your hands and nothing, we repeat, nothing is perfect, despite you and your wedding vendors’ best intentions! Instead of setting yourself up to fail, take the advice of these wedding planners, who’ve witnessed firsthand the unhappiness obsessing over things like flowers and colors causes brides.

The Flowers

“Many brides have a tendency to obsess about the flowers, when in actuality, the colors and types available are dictated at the whim of Mother Nature. For example, who would have thought that temperatures on the West Coast would reach record highs in early March of 90 degrees? Those growers hit by the drought may have some damaged crops, and flowers that are shipped from all over the world may not come in the quantities that were originally planned for your wedding. Thus, changes will be necessary.” — Greg Jenkins, founder of Bravo Productions

The Day-Of Details

“I’ve seen far too many brides obsess about perfection, to the point where they make themselves miserable on the one day that they should be their happiest. Just like no relationship is perfect, so too are weddings and wedding vendors. Keeping in mind that you are marrying the man of your dreams and having your friends and family there to be a part of that is what the day is really all about. If the timing is a little bit off or if something that isn’t of critical importance should go missing, don’t harp on it. Take everything in stride, and you’ll not only feel the love and admiration of those all around you, but you’ll also be that much happier and healthier.” — Aviva Samuels, founder of Kiss the Planner

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The Color Scheme

“In my experience, a lot of brides get fixated on needing to pick specific wedding colors. The idea of designing a wedding around one or two random colors is odd to me. I think it’s much better to think of the big picture atmosphere you’re trying to create at your wedding. And then you can start thinking about an overall color palette that supports this look and feel.” — Amy Kaneko, owner of Amy Kaneko Special Events

The Wedding World’s Expectations

“I think brides obsess too much about what the wedding ‘should’ be like versus designing a wedding that authentically represents the couple. They so easily get caught up in every wedding blog, magazine or vendor website. This causes paralysis by analysis. I ask my couples to make a list of what is hugely important to both of them. We focus on the priorities and then supplement where needed. There is no cookie cutter recipe for what a wedding should look like. Brides and grooms should embrace that they have the freedom to design the day they both want.” — Nicole R. Matthews, Founder of The Henley Company

The Weather

“As the wedding nears, brides are often very concerned with the weather and start checking the forecast obsessively. As a planner, I’ve worked on weddings where it rained, where there’s been an unexpected heat wave (108 degrees!) and everything in between. When you book your venue, be sure there’s a backup plan in case of rain, then let whatever happens happen. At my own wedding we moved the ceremony indoors at the last minute due to rain and it was every bit as wonderful as it would have been outside, even though I’d initially hoped for an outdoors wedding.” — Samantha Spector, founder of Milk & Honey Special Events

The Timeline

“More specifically, the bridal party and guests being on time! Remember though, even if everyone’s doing their best, you can’t always account for traffic jams or mixed up directions. We always expect that people will show up late. Real event pros take this into consideration and pad the timeline accordingly so a few ceremony stragglers or slightly tardy groomsmen won’t throw the whole schedule off.” — Erica Taylor, co-founder of Tinsel & Twine

So, You Hated Your Hair and Makeup Trial. Now What?

Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial Gone Bad

Photo: Getty Images

It’s every bride’s worst nightmare: a wedding-day beauty look gone terribly wrong. So what do you do when that hair and makeup trial you scheduled doesn’t exactly turn out according to plan? Instead of immediately placing blame on your stylist, consider what you could do differently next time too. We talked to Teddi Cranford, founder of White Rose Collective, to get her advice on how to handle a beauty trial fail.

Take Preventative Measures

First things first, you want to do everything in your power to prevent a situation like this from popping up. That means not jumping the gun on booking your hair and makeup trial if you haven’t picked out your wedding dress, venue or date yet. “Your beauty look should be curated around the other wedding details,” explains Cranford. Ask your married friends for some references, and make sure you do your own research to see if a particular person is a good fit. “Your hairstylist and makeup artist should have a clear sense of your style and inspiration photos should have already been exchanged prior to the appointment.”

Speak Up

Communication is critical, not just before your trial but during it as well. “Try to be yourself, and be completely honest and open,” advises Cranford. “Share your bad beauty experiences and your best ones too.” That way, your hair and makeup artist can get to know you even better. Having a conversation and really collaborating throughout the entire process is so important, says Cranford. “You have to try things together and experiment. Both you and your stylist must speak up.”

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Go Back for a Second Trial

Unless the first one was a total disaster and the person wasn’t willing to listen, much less capable of making the requested changes, give your stylist or makeup artist a second chance. “When things don’t go well, you can typically get a sense if someone is going to be able to get there with you,” notes Cranford. “The stylist should follow up, and you should offer feedback. For example, if your hair fell limp after a few hours or you were hoping for a more natural makeup look, say so.” And remember, if you do go back for a second trial come in with firm opinions and a laundry list of specific things you were bothered by the last time.

Know When to Cut Ties

Or be self aware enough to know when it’s you that’s the problem! As Cranford pointed out earlier, sometimes brides come in prematurely. If you aren’t sure of your own vision, you can’t expect your stylist or makeup artist to be either. Second trial didn’t pan out? Assuming you followed the advice above, it’s probably time to cut ties.

Find a New Stylist

If you do decide it’s best to move on to a new stylist, Cranford recommends really going in smart. “Understand who their client is and self-evaluate to see if it matches up with your style. Having a connection with your beauty professional is key.”

Any Day Now! Kate Middleton Is Past Her Due Date

Kate Middleton pregnant royal baby 2 gender

Photo: Getty Images

Where, oh where, is the new Royal Baby? If you’re anxiously waiting for Kate Middleton to go into labor so you can watch a livecam of St. Mary’s hospital’s Lindo Wing, then just imagine how she feels. The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly four days past her due date, which means she’s discussing the possibility of inducing labor with her doctors.

“The decision to induce is based on how she is feeling, her history and how the baby is managing — it’s a constant dialogue between the doctors, midwives and Kate,” pregnancy expert Zita West told People today.

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Though the royal family never formally announced the official due date, a source told Us Weekly that senior members of the British Parliament were briefed with the due date of April 23. Regardless, Kate told well-wishers during her last public appearances before baby that she planned to give birth in “mid to late April.” That definitely puts her past her expected time frame!

Not that Kate and Wills should be too concerned about their second bundle of joy arriving on a delay — Prince George was a week late when he was born on July 22, 2013.

This time around, the birth announcement will be a bit more modern. As opposed to the traditional easel posting that was used to declare Prince George’s birth, the news will be posted on @KensingtonRoyal Twitter and Instagram accounts following a press release to journalists. We can’t wait!

5 Tips for Helping the Mother of the Bride Find Her Dress

You wouldn’t think that choosing the dress for your mom to wear to your wedding would be a big deal, but for some mothers of the bride, it’s secondary only to the wedding gown as far as the most important details of the big day go.

The thing is, do you really care what your mother is going to wear? As long as it’s flattering on her and she looks good in it, and she doesn’t match your bridesmaids and she’s not wearing white, you should give your mom as much leeway as possible in what she chooses to wear on your big day. So, since you’re a supportive daughter, here are five tips to help your MOB find the dress of her dreams:

1. Stay away from anything that even slightly resembles ivory or white.

Gold tones, taupe tones, anything that anyone could construe as being “slightly” white. Why? Because people are snarky. Unless you’re having a “white wedding” and everyone is wearing white, mom should be wearing a color.

2. Consider the kind of wedding that you’re hosting.

If you’re getting married in a church and having an evening reception, the MOB will be wearing something floor length and very formal. For a sunset ceremony by the beach, she might wear a brighter color and certainly nothing floor length as it could get wet during the photos. For a morning wedding, a dressy suit may be just the ticket.

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3. Don’t limit the stores.

Bridal shops will often offer you a discount on the bridal party attire, and the MOB dress, after you’ve bought your gown there. However, many of the dresses for mothers that you find in traditional bridal shops lean toward the classic side. Consider taking mom shopping it the formalwear section of a good department store, or at boutique your mother particularly enjoys.

4. Don’t choose anything too revealing.

A hint of cleavage is sufficient. Skirts slit to the top of the thigh are not appropriate on the mother of the bride. Think about what it will look like in photos when you help your mother choose the dress. She’s going to be dancing and having fun—she shouldn’t be wearing anything that could result in an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.

5. Be sure to coordinate with your future mother-in-law on this whole process.

she and your mother should not be wearing the exact same color unless you planned it that way. Traditionally, MOB gets first pick, the MOG gets second choice of colors. Chat with your fiancé’s mom early on and see what she has in mind. You don’t want them going two dramatically different directions &#8212 one in sequins and the other in a tropical pantsuit, for example.

Owner of Weddings in Vieques, a destination-wedding planning company off the coast of Puerto Rico, Sandy Malone has helped countless couples plan their big day since 2007.

The Big Reveal: 5 Sexy Wedding Dresses That Show Just the Right Amount of Skin

Big Reveal Wedding Dresses - V-Neck from Dennis Basso for Kleinfeld

Photo: Derek Kettela; Styling by Jenny Capitain

Most brides will tell you that when it comes to their bridal style, they’re searching for a look that feels chic and sexy, yet still classic and demure. After all, you are tying the knot in front of your parents, grandparents, and closest friends, so you’ll want to highlight your best assets without making your family cringe. Our favorite — not to mention trendy — way to show a little skin is with deep v details. From low necklines and plunging backs to unexpected cutout bodices, we found five slightly revealing looks that leave the rest to the imagination.

This gorgeous hand-beaded gown from Dennis Basso for Kleinfeld boasts a plunging v-neckline that still feels entirely ladylike. While the neckline does drop quite low, the narrower slit means you’ll stay perfectly covered-up. Plunging V-neck gown with hand-beaded netting over silk organza with tulle A-line skirt, price available upon request, Dennis Basso for Kleinfeld.

Illusion V-Neckline from Angel Sanchez

Photo: Derek Kettela; Styling by Jenny Capitain

For a look that feels a little more modest, consider an illusion V-neckline. This option from Angel Sanchez appears daring but keeps you covered thanks to the sheer bodice and straps. Crepe sheath with tulle bodice and embroidered lace appliqués, $5,500, Angel Sanchez.

Ines Di Santo Wedding Dress Big Reveal

Photo: Derek Kettela; Styling by Jenny Capitain

Another sexy style? This Chantilly lace sheath from Ines Di Santo delivers both a daring and sweet vibe. Illusion sleeves give the impression of a cap sleeve gown in a look that’s fit for winter or fall brides, too. And with a lower neckline and sheer bodice details, you’ll capture this revealing trend while still being totally covered up. Chantilly-lace sheath with cameo-pink underlay, illusion sleeves, and lace cuffs, $7,040, Ines Di Santo.

Jim Hjelm Waist Cutout Wedding Dress

Photo: Derek Kettela; Styling by Jenny Capitain

To try the trend in a totally different way, consider sexy illusion cutouts at the waist. This Jim Hjelm gown proves that showing a little midriff doesn’t have to be a bad thing. We love how this silk crepe gown looks with low cutouts just above a shimmering sash. Silk-crepe illusion dress with side cutouts and crystal-and-feather belt (sold separately), $2,409, Jim Hjelm.

Big Reveal Backless Hayley Paige Dress

Photo: Derek Kettela; Styling by Jenny Capitain

One last way we love showing a little skin? An open back, like on this studded option from Hayley Paige, keeps your look totally modest where it matters most and flashes serious style from behind. Net halter gown with illusion neckline, lace appliqués, and studded trim, $3,090, Hayley Paige.

For more beautiful wedding dress inspiration, check out our April/May issue, available on newsstands and for download now!