Zooey Deschanel (Finally) Flashes Her Engagement Ring

Zoeey Deschanel is Pregnant

Photo: Getty Images

Bring on the bling! To match her big month of news in January — you know, the month where the New Girl star announced that she was pregnant and shortly thereafter that she was engaged to Jacob Pechenik! — Deschanel is toting an even bigger rock. Finally showing off a glimpse of her engagement ring earlier today while on the way from Pilates class, we know one thing to be true: the mom-to-be’s sparkler is blinding!

This was the first time the star has been spotted with a ring on that finger (you can see a snap below, and a zoomed-in shot over at People). We’d put our money on the fact that the diamond is either a sizable round-cut or pear-shaped solitaire stone with a thin platinum or white gold band. From the shot that’s circulating, it’s hard to see any further details on the band.

A photo posted by @zooey_2_newgirl on Mar 24, 2015 at 4:35am PDT

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Deschanel is very private about her personal life and she’s definitely not the type of post an engagement-ring selfie anytime soon, but we’re glad we at least got a glimpse of the gorgeous bauble. Not much has been seen of the actress since her action-packed announcements, but she has been frequenting workout classes in her home city of Los Angeles to prepare for her exciting arrival.

No further news on the ring, future wedding or baby, but we do know Deschanel will make an adorable mom and host a stylishly retro celeb wedding.


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