Is It Weird to Skip the First Dance?

A lavish, large wedding is all well and good for an outgoing couple, but a timid twosome may find the attention overwhelming. Is skipping the first dance an option for shy couples? Our etiquette experts weigh in.

Your intuition should largely guide how you plan your big day, but take a minute to consider the first dance before completely giving up on it due to your insecurity. Despite your innate shyness, the first dance is a wedding tradition for a reason. Not only does it allow you and your husband-to-be an intimate moment to enjoy your newlywed status and choose a song that best represents your relationship, it also provides an excellent photo opportunity for your cameraman. In addition, your family will likely expect you to take a spin around the dance floor.

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If your disco skills are the source of your embarrassment, try taking a dance class with your fiancé to perfect your pirouettes before the wedding. When your wedding arrives, gauge your level of anxiety regarding the first dance and plan accordingly. If the butterflies in your stomach haven’t flown the coop, tell your band or DJ to time your first dance for one to two minutes max before inviting other couples to join you on the floor.


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