4 Calligraphy Trends We Love

Calligraphy Trend A Pop Of Color

Photo: Ashley Buzzy

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in the case of calligraphy, a word is often worth a thousand pictures (and then some!) Wow your wedding guests and really set the tone for your big day with invitations and day-of items that truly are works of art. Here are four calligraphy trends you’ve got to try.

1. A Pop of Color (Above)

Classic calligraphy with a colorful twist seems to be all the rage right now, according to calligrapher and stationer Ashley Buzzy of Ashley Buzzy Lettering + Press. “Most of my brides are loving the use of traditional calligraphy in their invitation suites, but they like to keep it fresh by using new color combinations,” she explains. While foil stamping is a huge one (in either white or gold metallic foils), so is calligraphy in bright hues, such as mint on pink envelopes.

Calligraphy Trend Beyond The Envelope

Photo: Moonrise Rebel

2. Going Beyond the Envelope

Kim Shrack, owner of Manayunk Calligraphy in Philadelphia, says one of the most popular calligraphy styles are those that extended beyond the page. “Lines and lettering that go off the confines of the paper/envelope give invites an elongated, elegant feel without being too stuffy.” We concur!

Calligraphy Trend Uneven Baseline

Photo: Moonrise Rebel

4. Lowercase Lettering

“Brides are almost always asking for all lowercases,” notes calligrapher Rachel Carl of Rachel Carl & Co, “The older generations don’t seem to understand the beauty in it, but that doesn’t stop younger brides from ordering it.”

Calligraphy Trend Lowercase

Photo: Rachel Carl

5. Imperfect Writing

Another wedding calligraphy trend that’s quickly risen to the top? Imperfect handwriting. “In other words, writing that’s more flowy in nature, and not so flawless,” says Carl, “The more messy, the more beautiful.”


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