5 Chic Ways to Use Chair Sashes

wedding chair sash ideas

Photo: Nicole Lennox

Make your wedding chairs extra special by adding a decorative accent to the back of each one, like a pretty sash in a coordinating color. Unconvinced? Check out these five easy, elegant chair-sash ideas that are a far cry from the ’80s tulle versions you might be envisioning.

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Ombré (above): How gorgeous would your reception space look with a sea of chair decorations in ombré hues?

Asymmetrical Sash: Embellish classic chiavari chairs with an asymmetrical sash tied in a pretty bow.

Floor-Length Drape: A simple, draped piece of cream-colored fabric is an elegant contrast to the black chiavari chairs.

Woven: Another unique reception-chair idea would be to weave fabric through the back of the chair to create an intricate, woven look.

Striped: Floor-length striped sashes are a striking way to decorate the ceremony space — to make an impact, all you really need are sashes for the very last row.


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