Making the Most of Your Wedding Morning

Your wedding morning should be called the calm before the storm. Brides have a few moments of peace from the time they open their eyes to the time, “OMG, you’re getting married today!” exchanges begin. Seize the morning and make the most of it. We’ve enlisted top experts to tell you how to own those precious minutes and nosh, tone, relax and prep your way to wedding day perfection.

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Eat This

Force yourself to eat a light meal before you jump into wedding mode. “You want to have a breakfast that will digest easily, but stays with you so you won’t feel faint or lack energy for the long day,” says registered dietician Julie Upton. Try one of her favorite bites paired with a big glass of water to hydrate:

1. High protein smoothie made with Greek yogurt and frozen berries or bananas and almond milk: Liquids are better on a queasy tummy.

2. Oatmeal with Greek yogurt or peanut butter: The added protein keeps you satisfied.

3. Whole grain toast spread with nut butter and topped with banana or apple slices: Chose one piece to keep it light.

4. Eggs with avocado, feta cheese and tomatoes: If you get hungry quickly after eating, try eggs — they keep you full for hours.

Work It

Now is not the time to push your fitness boundaries. Trainer Jason Keigher recommends a light, toning workout on your wedding morning and says to skip anything where you could fall (looking at you, runners). “A wedding-day workout should be relaxing and tone the muscles that you’ll see in the dress,” he says. In other words, cardio queens take a break. Try a yoga class or DVD and tack on a quick set of squats, rows, push-ups, arm curls, triceps dips and shoulder presses, Keigher says.

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Chill Out

Real talk: Everything may not go as planned on your wedding day. Take a quiet moment before everyone floods the bridal suite to accept that and set an intention for how you’ll act today. “Whatever you choose, spend just a few minutes that morning imagining yourself embodying that quality,” says Kate Hanley author of The Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide. Remind yourself when things start to get nutty. If you have extra time in the morning, spend it doing whatever calms you whether it’s taking Fido for a walk or meditating. “The most effective chill-out strategy is the one you’ll actually do,” Hanley says.

Prep It

Give your glam team a beautiful blank canvas to work with by prepping your skin, hair and body. New York based makeup artist Christine Hooghuis always recommends a gentle exfoliant on your skin and body immediately followed by lotion. If you have dry skin, try a hydrating mask on your face to smooth and plump. While you relax, throw some cool cucumbers on your eyes to de-puff and slap on a teeth-whitening strip to ensure a bright smile, she says.


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