8 Emergency Items to Have On Hand for an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings can provide unparalleled vistas and tranquillity for nature-loving couples, but a venue run by Mother Nature is also riddled with surprises. Not only do couples hosting outdoor nuptials need to be aware of the potential for unexpected shifts in weather, they may also play host to critters who weren’t on the guest list. In other words, an outdoor wedding calls for extra emergency provisions including these eight things.

1. Bug Spray

Annie Lee of New York City-based wedding-planning company Daughter of Design recommends keeping a hefty supply of bug spray on hand for airborne wedding crashers from bees to mosquitos, stating, “Keep some bug repellent on hand so your guests aren’t eaten alive at your wedding. If possible spray the area with pesticide a few days before the event to make sure you don’t have uninvited tiny winged wedding crashers.”

2. Grasswalkers

Lee suggests supplying Grasswalkers to stiletto-clad wedding attendees. The product transforms even the spindliest of Louboutins into all-terrain platforms.

3. Cat Food

Though cat food may not be the first item on the wedding registry of non-feline owners, it may serve you well at an outdoor wedding. Lee recommends the brilliantly simple idea as a solution to food-driven wasps.

4. Benadryl

Bug bites and allergic reactions may intrude on the festivities. For those cases, Jenna Tochet of event design company Erganic Design suggests having Benadryl on hand.

5. White Chalk

Outdoor weddings not only supply the occasional health hiccup; they also provide more than a few elements which don’t work work in favor aesthetically with a pure white dress. Tochet cleverly suggests masking any mud or grimy marks with a dash of white chalk.

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6. Wraps

For chilly night time nuptials, Leslie Price of the New York-centered planning company In Any Event advocates keeping wraps at the ready.

7. Flashlights

For urbanites and long-time city-dwellers, it can be difficult to remember that the wilderness is not equipped with recessed lighting or streetlights. Tamra Sanford of Ever Swoon encourages brides hosting night time outdoor weddings to carry a few flashlights for guests who need extra illumination.

8. Tent

Though most brides wish for warm, sunny weather on their wedding day, the forecast doesn’t always predict what conditions may blow your way. To account for every eventuality, Mary Krueger of Carmona Design and Events advises that a tent is an absolute necessity. “If your dream is to have your wedding al fresco, your wedding designer should know that you need to budget in tenting as an emergency-backup plan,” Krueger states. “The saying applies applies particularly well here: ‘Plan for the worst — but expect the best!’ ”


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