Non-Floral Boutonnieres Your Groom Will Love

It’s only fair that your groom looks every bit as stylish as you, and a great way to make sure he stands out is to have him wear a fashionable boutonniere. And while floral bouts are always lovely, let’s face it — not all guys are into flowers. So if that’s the case, then opt for a unique, non-floral boutonniere that complements his personality and interests. Here are some of our favorites.

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Felt (above): For this groom’s nuptials, he sported a felt boutonniere shaped like South Africa as a nod to his home country.

Nautical Rope: If you’re marrying by the sea, fashion simple knotted boutonnieres using lengths of rope.

Mini Chalkboards: Groomsmen donned miniature framed chalkboards handwritten with their initials.

Noisemakers: For a more whimsical and unexpected idea, turn festive noisemakers into boutonnieres.

non-floral boutonniere ideas

Photo: JPP Studios

Golf Tees: If your groom is an avid golfer, tie several colorful wooden tees together to form a sporty decoration for his lapel.

Legos: Pay homage to his favorite all-time favorite movie with a Lego Yoda boutonnieres.


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