Nikki Reed Calls Fiancé Ian Somerhalder a “Wonderful Human Being”

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder Fight About Eye Color

Photo: Getty Images

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder certainly make a charitable soon-to-be-married duo! Since their January engagement, the two have made several red-carpet appearances at events for their respective charities — and this week was no exception!

According to E! News Reed and Somerhalder stepped out to support the 6th Annual Lindt Gold Bunny Auction benefiting Autism Speaks, which is a cause that is particularly close to Reed’s heart. People reports that Reed’s younger brother was diagnosed with autism at two years old and, since then, she’s been passionate about fighting stereotypes.

At the event, Reed told E! News that one of the many reasons she and Somerhalder make a great couple is because they support each other’s passions. “We are a great team,” she said. “We love supporting each other’s causes.”

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To continue their mutual support when it comes to working on meaningful projects, Reed and Somerhalder decided to create their own production company, which is set to launch later this spring. “I’m sure we will be involved together in most things going forward,” Reed said. “This year I’m focusing on currently writing a feature and making my directorial debut with my first feature before the end of the year. And Ian just directed an episode of his show, which is a huge deal so I’ll be heading back to our Atlanta home to throw him a little celebration party to celebrate the wonderful human being.”

Adorable! But if you’re holding out hope for the engaged actors to act together soon, you might just get your wish. “I think we will work together. If we were to many any sort of vampire [movie] it would probably be like in the short film or Funny or Die area,” Reed said on Big Morning Buzz Live.


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