10 Minutes with Designer Inbal Dror

10 Minutes Interview With Bridal Designer Inbal Dror

Photo: George Chinsee

Inbal Dror is a renowned bridal designer from Israel, who trained at the prestigious Shenkar Fashion Academy in her home country, and also apprenticed in Milan. Known for body-conscious dresses in beautifully romantic fabrics, the designer only launched her official bridal line less than a year ago, and is already quickly gaining steam, with her dresses available in bridal salons worldwide. We caught up with the talented designer to hear about her latest collection, her made-to-measure business, and her top style tips for brides on their wedding day.

The Inbal Dror bride is confident.
“I love it when the bride integrates with the dress, and they become one, like a second skin. Our bride is confident; sometimes quietly confident, and she is always breathtaking,” the designer explained.

Dror’s latest bridal offerings are a reimagining of vintage designs.
“The 2015 collection was inspired by nostalgia, bringing vintage designs back to life,” she revealed. We asked the designer about her favorite silhouette, and she explained, “I don’t like to signify a single gown as a favorite — they are all equal to me, like family. Nevertheless, I love to see the reaction to the ones with very long, dramatic trains and low backs.”

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For Inbal Dror, “every bride is a celebrity.”
“I treat all my brides with the same care and attention,” said the designer. She added, “Every bride is a celebrity.” We asked the designer how her bridal design process differs from her made-to-measure eveningwear process, and she explained, “The design process is most of the time instantaneous. An idea comes up, and it ripens in my mind. I put it on paper as a sketch and for the most part that is how it stays. Our production is made-to-measure, based on 30 different measurements on the body, which requires great care and involves the bride on a very intimate level.”

The designer’s top bridal dress shopping tip? Focus on fit and let the dress take center stage.
Comfort and fit trumps all according to Dror. “I truly believe that a bride must, first and foremost, be comfortable with her dress choice. A wedding is such a significant event in a woman’s life, and it’s how she feels wearing the dress that emphasizes her features, and can make her feel like the queen of the night!” The designer also has tips for accessories, saying, “Comfortable shoes are important, but I always suggest to keep it simple with other accessories, wearing perhaps a delicate bracelet, and let the dress do the talking. Then, just relax and enjoy the moment. It’s a once in a lifetime experience!”


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