BRIDES Northern California: Boho Brides Will Love San Francisco’s Newest Bridal Boutique

Loho Bridal Boutique San Francisco

Photo: Courtesy of LOHO Bride

Brides looking to move beyond a basic ball gown will appreciate the arrival of LOHO Bride in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood. Founder and creative director Christy Baird’s shop features a well-curated selection of bohemian dresses from indie designers including Daughters of Simone and Houghton. We caught up with Baird to chat about importance of authenticity, tips for the recently engaged, and Solange’s cape.

LOHO Bride is made for the nontraditional girl.
“Everything is tailored to the bride, down to her music taste [at our fittings],” explains Baird. “Each appointment is molded to what we believe will make the bride feel the most like her. There is no bigger compliment than when brides tell us that they’ve felt a wave of relief, that we’ve finally made them feel comfortable in an industry that generally makes them uncomfortable.”

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Not surprisingly, the owner is a big fan of Solange Knowles’ big-day bridal statement.
“I’m really excited about Solange rocking the cape. It was a bold choice and you could tell just by reading her face that she was exuding a strong sense of confidence. I think that’s important on your wedding day, you have to really own it,” she says. “I’m also loving a modern twist on the mermaid. Houghton was somehow able to make the mermaid look edgy and sleek. Being that we have numerous brides who fret traditional cuts, this just might be their answer.”

Brides can expect a one-of-a-kind bridal fitting at LOHO.
“Our main focus is the personal experience, so the one-hour private fittings in our studio are extremely tailored to our brides — it’s important that we know who they are before they step through our doors because we want them to feel as comfortable as possible during a seemingly stressful process,” the owner says. “The idea is to make dress shopping a fun, light-hearted part of wedding planning! As long as they leave feeling good and relaxed, we’ve done our job. That will likely involve champagne and a customized playlist, but only if that’s their preference, of course.”

Baird’s top tip for brides is to stay true to yourself.
She explains, “Think about what makes you, you and incorporate that into your wedding somehow. If you enjoy food, go that extra mile to get your favorite dishes on the menu versus what is suggested to you. Add inside jokes that you have with your partner into naming the menu. This is just an example, but I think the best weddings I’ve attended have left the attendees leaving, saying ‘that was so uniquely them!’ I think the new ways will be ‘new’ because you’ve created them for yourself. Draw inspiration, but try to always put your own spin on your party (which is what I refer to a wedding as!).”


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