WATCH: Ben Seewald Surprises Jessa Duggar with a Custom Wedding Ring

We learned all about the details of Jessa and Ben Seewald’s wedding back in November, but now, thanks to the latest season of their show 19 Kids and Counting, we’re finally seeing how all of those bridal elements came together. The latest bit of planning about to hit the airwaves? The story behind Jessa’s wedding ring.

As a thoughtful husband-to-be, Ben wanted to surprise Jessa with a personalized wedding-ring design. He enlisted the help of younger sister and BFF Jinger to steal Jessa’s engagement ring so he could use it as reference when designing her wedding band with the jeweler. However, Jessa is on to his plan: “If Ben wants to keep it a secret and surprise me, then that’s great — I’ll let him do it,” Jessa says to the camera in a sneak peek at tonight’s episode, above.

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Adorably, Ben mulls over the options with the jeweler. He emphasizes how much he wants it to be personalized and mean something special to the both of them. He notes to the jeweler that Jessa likes a three-stone look and examines a few different sizes of princess-cut diamond (perhaps to join her center stone?).

“This means a lot to me, to really personalize this wedding band for Jessa and just kind of put my own touch on it. I think that that’s going to be really special for her,” Ben says about his surprise. “I can’t wait to see her face when I slide it on her finger.”


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