In Season Now: Clematis Bridal Bouquets

clematis wedding bouquets

Photo: Kate Webber

Clematis is a beautiful flowering vine that starts to make its appearance in the spring and continues through the summer. The pretty-petaled flower comes in crisp white, as well as various shades of pink, lavender, deep purple, and burgundy. The showy blossom looks absolutely beautiful in bouquets, either on their own or mixed with other flowers. Check out our favorite clematis bridal bouquets below.

White Clematises with Yellow Peonies (above): The combination of crisp, white clematises with lush soft-yellow peonies in this bouquet by Natalie Bowen is simple yet elegant.

clematis wedding bouquet

Photos: Eric Kelley

Purple Clematises: A lush, cascading bouquet is a more dramatic alternative to a traditional round shape; this bouquet by Southern Blooms is comprised entirely of purple clematises and its lush greenery.

clematis wedding bouquet

Photo: Jose Villa

White Clematises with Astilbe: This romantic bridal bouquet by Chestnut & Vine features a loose, unstructured shape and features white clematises mixed with pale-pink roses and astilbe.

Asymmetrical Bouquet with Clematises: The burgundy-toned clematises trailing down this loose, asymmetrically shaped bouquet by Studio Choo are stunning and unexpected.

clematis wedding bouquet

Photo: The Nichols

Pale-Pink and Purple Bouquet: The soft, romantic hues in this bouquet by The Nouveau Romantics make it the perfect choice for springtime brides.

Deep-Purple Clematises: This dark and moody bouquet by Art With Nature combines dark-purple clematises with hellebores, ranunculuses, and lilac.


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