WATCH: A Casual Southern Wedding in Tennessee

We may not say it often, but right now we think you should really take a break from wedding planning to watch one of our brand new real wedding videos. This week, we’re spotlighting Katie and Jeff’s intimate backyard celebration in Maryville, Tennessee. Couples that are planning a relaxed wedding day will love the details of their downhome bash, all of which were expertly captured by videographer Matt Agan.

“I first met Katie (who’s also a wedding photographer) and Jeff at a bonfire on the beach in Costa Rica,” Matt said. “A few days before her own wedding, Katie sent me a message after watching one of my highlight films and said, ‘I just cried. This video is so beautiful and I so wish you were going to be at mine. Can you still come?'”

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With some scrambling, last-minute flights, and weather delays, Matt finally made it to Tennessee just in time to capture the beautiful moments of Katie and Jeff’s big day. Set to “Welcome Home, Son” by Radical Face, watch as guests mingle before the reception, the couple’s heartwarming first look, and as they celebrate becoming husband and wife amidst their closest friends and family.

Some other particularly poignant moments include Katie’s father holding back his own emotions while walking his daughter down the aisle and as the bride and groom dance with their loved ones under twinkling lights.

From the first kiss to the wedding toasts, you’ll feel like you were there for every moment of Katie and Jeff’s incredible wedding day.

Love what you see here? Then check out our entire real wedding series on the Brides video channel!


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