3 Ways to Help Your Guy “Pop the Question” to His Groomsmen

Ways to Ask Your Groomsmen, Gift Boxes

Photo: Jenna Kutcher

Being part of a wedding party is a total honor — no matter what side of the aisle you stand on. It’s no secret that brides can (and do!) go all out when asking their friends and family to be a bridesmaid in their special day, but the guys often get overlooked. Give your husband-to-be a gentle nudge when it comes time for him to select his groomsmen and help him create a thoughtful gift when he pops the question this time around. Here, we share three simple ideas we love.

Gift Box
Let’s face it: Some guys need all of the details spelled out. The box seen above is equal parts fun and functional, and tells his groomsmen everything they could possibly need to know before the big day. Include an enclosure with every pertinent wedding detail, including the date, the venue, what the groom expects of him, and what he’ll need to wear. Then comes the fun stuff: This box includes a mini bottle of his favorite booze and a few cigars.

Ways to Ask Your Groomsmen, Bottles

Photo: Lia Griffith

Dressed-Up Bottles
Your future husband should know his wedding party well enough to gift them with something they’ll really appreciate. As an easy gift that plenty of guys will appreciate is a bottle of his favorite alcohol. Dress it up with tag, like this fun (and affordable!) chalkboard-inspired option from Lia Griffith.

Ways to Ask Your Groomsmen, BBQ

Photo: Natalie Chong of Toast Event Design

Backyard BBQ
One thoughtful idea we love is to throw a casual get-together where the groom can both ask his guys and celebrate with his friends. Event designer Natalie Chong of Toast Event Design created custom labels for her husband-to-be to affix to bottles of beer at a backyard barbeque. When he proposed a toast all of his intended groomsmen then saw that they were being asked to part of the wedding party.


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