3 New Bridal Nail Ideas from Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week Bridal Nail Art

Photos: Courtesy of Essie

Looking for something a step beyond a standard sheer-pink manicure for your big day? These fresh nail looks from New York Fashion Week ride the perfect line between interesting and understated — and look gorgeous against a pretty white dress.

1. Abstract art
Essie manicurist Michelle Saunders created “glamorous dew drops” to complement the embellishment in Jenny Packham’s fall collection. “This is the most elegant nail art,” she says. “It’s like having a pair of beautiful white pumps and adding just a little something special.” Apply two coats of sheer pink nail polish, followed by a drop of coral (or one of your own wedding colors!) on the upper left corner of each nail. Place a smaller dot of bronze glitter on top of the coral dots and on the lower right hand side of each nail. P.S.: Saunders says don’t worry about making sure every dot is perfect — they’re not supposed to be!

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2. Subtle metallics
“Matte gold nuggets” is how Essie manicurist Julie Kandalec described the look at Delpozo. Brush on a matte top coat — she used Essie Matte About You first. Then, with a striping brush, draw a vertical line of gold polish down the center of each nail. Carefully place pieces of chunky, gold glitter on top of the line. Finish with a top coat, but avoid the gold to make sure it stays shimmery!

3. Nude-moon manis
A cooler and more sophisticated alternative to French manicures, nude-moon nails were the perfect juxtaposition to Diane von Furstenburg’s 1940s, vintage-inspired clothing. Saunders applied one coat of light pink nail polish and then used white polish to draw a semi circle at the base of each nail.


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